Moldtech committed to the future of sustainable, innovative and attractive architecture

Moldtech committed to the future of sustainable construction

Moldtech supplies in France, a set of special moulds for green architectural façades, promoting green building and sustainable architecture.

In recent years the demand for sustainable architectural solutions has been increasing, and green facades have become a popular trend. Every building needs a building envelope that gives it an identity of its own and sets it apart from others. These vegetation-covered facades not only provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also offer a number of environmental benefits.

To make these green structures a reality, Moldtech has developed special moulds that facilitate their construction. These moulds are specifically designed to encourage the integration of vegetation into façades, representing a significant breakthrough in the creation of sustainable and visually striking architectural spaces.

Moldtech’s special moulds for green architectural façades are designed to adapt to the basic needs of this type of project, incorporating innovative features that allow easy installation and maintenance of the vegetation on the façades. Some of the main characteristics of these moulds are:

  • Modular design: the moulds are designed in modules for easy assembly and adaptation to different sizes and shapes of facades.
  • The moulds are designed to allow for plant growth and the installation of irrigation systems, as well as drainage systems to ensure adequate water flow.
  • Adaptation for the placement of aesthetic reliefs in rubber.

A set of planter moulds are supplied, designed for the manufacture of prefabricated reinforced concrete parts. The planter mould for green façades consists of a fixed central core, a fixed side and a hinged hinged side that facilitates the demoulding of the pieces to be manufactured.

The mould consists of two 13-metre sections, which together make up a 26-metre production line for the manufacture of different types of architectural concrete planters and 8 cover moulds.

With growing environmental awareness and demand for sustainable architectural solutions, precast concrete moulds specialising in green facades are becoming an increasingly attractive option for architects, builders and building owners wishing to incorporate green elements into their projects.

The successful delivery in France demonstrates Moldtech’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that drive environmentally responsible construction.

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