Moldtech is strengthening its leadership in Romania

Moldtech is strengthening its leadership in Romania

Moldtech consolidates its position as a trusted supplier in Romania, installing new moulds to its loyal customer with more than 20 years of experience in civil and industrial construction works.

Moldtech, a leading company in the design and manufacture of the equipment for the precast concrete industry, returns to Romania supplying a 125m universal casting bed, and a 1500 Tn prestressing system.

Our prominent client in Romania has more than twenty years of experience in civil and industrial construction works, roads and platforms, among others. It is equipped with the modern machinery, and Moldtech is its strategic ally.

On this occasion, a 1500Tn prestressing bench designed for the manufacture of prestressed bridge girders with a maximum length of 45 meters and 2.4 m in height and variable section is supplied.

The equipment is designed to work with cable tensioning and relaxation equipment with a maximum tensioning capacity of 1500Tn. The supply includes an active head, a passive head, a set of side moulds and a 125m universal casting bed.

The prestressed elements are manufactured on universal casting bed where molding sides are placed. Using a prestressing system, made up of stressing heads and hydraulic tensioning equipment, a series of steel cables are tensioned to produce higher-strength concrete elements.

The universal casting bed system can incorporate a heating system, with the purpose of accelerating the curing of the concrete.

In addition, a hydraulic power unit is supplied to activate the hydraulic opening and closing of the side moulds, a relaxation center and a pneumatic vibration system.

With its leadership in the Romanian market and its growing influence in Central Europe, Moldtech has become an undisputed benchmark in the industry. His ability to establish strategic partnerships with trusted clients and constant search for excellence have allowed the company to stay at the forefront of innovation and lead the way towards a prosperous future in the industrial and construction sector.

Their reputation as a trusted supplier and their ability to deliver bespoke, end-to-end solutions have been key to their continued success. The company prides itself on its commitment to excellence and innovation, and is uniquely positioned to continue driving development and growth in the region.

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