Moldtech provides a tilting table to a recognized company in Spain

Moldtech provides a tilting table to a recognized company in Spain

Moldtech, a world leader in advanced solutions for the precast concrete industry, has successfully delivered a tilting table to a renowned company in Spain.

The company is dedicated to the design, manufacture, distribution and assembly of precast elements, used in both industrial and residential construction, farming sector and infrastructure works.

Moldtech has contributed to this supply significantly streamlining the production line, allowing for faster and more efficient manufacturing of non-prestressed concrete panels. The collaboration between Moldtech and the Spanish company demonstrates how advanced technology can boost production.

This tilting table is made up of 4 modules of 12×4.2 meters, it has increased the company’s productive capacity by configuring a production line 48 meters long and 4.2 meters wide. The modules, with a fixed frame and a tilting deck with a maximum inclination of 74º, are designed for the manufacture of non-prestressed prefabricated concrete panels.

The versatility of the table allows the production of straight panels with variable thicknesses between 120 mm and 240 mm, thanks to its height-adjustable lower longitudinal side. The tilting of the table is achieved by hydraulic cylinders, controlled from the main cabinet of the hydraulic power plant supplied by Moldtech.

In addition, the manual adjustment of the lower side to regulate the thickness of the panels, and the inclusion of a pneumatic vibration system that enhances quality in production.

The improved efficiency, production versatility and quality of Moldtech tilting tables reflect the company’s comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction, and continues to lead the way into the future of sustainable and efficient construction, demonstrating that quality and customization are key elements to achieving success in the precast concrete industry.

With Moldtech as a strategic ally, the Spanish company is in an optimal position to face market challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities. This collaboration not only benefits both parties, but also contributes to the continued advancement of the industry, and evolving construction solutions.

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