Moldtech supplies moulds for marine concrete ballasts in Spain

Moldtech supplies moulds for marine concrete ballasts in Spain

Moldtech supplies in Spain 6 moulds for marine ballasts, promoting and advocating marine sustainability, thus collaborating in the protection and perseverance of the marine ecosystem.

Precast concrete elements for the marine ballasts offer several advantages. First of all, concrete is a durable and strong material, capable of absorbing the mechanical and corrosive forces of salt water. In addition, fabric manufacturing under controlled conditions allows for greater quality control and more efficient construction compared to traditional on-site methods.

The precast concrete elements used for marine installations are manufactured in specialized facilities, such as those of our client in northern Spain, with more than 70 years of experience and committed to the concepts of seriousness, quality, experience and efficiency, as well as to be at the forefront of technological advances, sustainability and environmental protection.

Our client placed an order with us for these moulds used for marine installations. Since PE pipes float, even when filled with water, concrete ballasts are incorporated in order to be able to submerge them. In general, these ballasts are made up of two pieces of reinforced concrete with different dimensions and geometric shapes, which are attached to the pipe by means of screws and nuts. In their inner part they normally have two EPDM-type synthetic rubbers to prevent damage of the pipes.

The 6 ballast moulds supplied by Moldtech are made up of three removable sides and one fixed bottom, when assembled together, give shape to the element to be manufactured.

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Moldtech once again demonstrates its commitment to the environment by developing projects aimed at favouring the integration of this type of infrastructure into the surroundings and its positive impact on the environment.

Moldtech continues to provide responsible solutions that balance human needs with environmental protection. Its commitment to sustainability sets an example for the industry and demonstrates that it is possible to achieve progress without compromising our precious natural resources.

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