MTG continues to broaden its range of protectors for mining and construction machinery with the inclusion of new designs and references

In line with the aim of providing the best system of comprehensive protection for mining and construction buckets, MTG MTG Systems continues to expand its range ProMet The buckets are safe thanks to the easily assembled and disassembled MTGTwist Hammerless locking system; the wide range of protectors have been designed specifically to maximize the performance of the main machines in the mining and construction sectors in a variety of different terrains.

In addition to the MTG Systems ProMet mechanical shrouds, MTG offers a range of weldable and bolt-on shrouds available, in order to be able to cover a broad range of excavators and loaders, both for the mining and construction industries.

MTG Systems ProMet, comprehensive protection for mining machinery

The new range of wing and blade shrouds for mining offer increased bucket protection and ensure improved performance for large machinery: excavators (100-350 tons) and loaders (95-250 tons).

Blade shrouds for the mining industry

  • The design of the blade shrouds has been specifically optimized and is able to offer up to 30% more wear material in comparison with the equivalent model from the competition.
  • They reduce blade exposure to impacts and abrasions, increasing the bucket’s wear life.
  • The front of the shroud contains between 10% and 20 % more steel.
  • The fitting system only requires welding a base for each shroud, thus making installation easy and quick while reducing machine downtimes.
  • The innovative MTGtwist hammerless locking system ensures optimum locking for more aggressive applications.

Wing shrouds for the mining

  • Wing shroud for heavy mining: presenting an extremely robust design that is perfect for Heavy Duty applications and which is particularly resistant in highly abrasive terrain
  • Wing shroud for mining loaders: reversible (1,000mm) long shroud specifically designed for mining loaders.

MTG Systems ProMet, maximum bucket protection in the construction industry

The ProMet system for construction machinery includes the new range of ProMet wing and blade shrouds, as well as more common weldable and bolt-on shrouds of the MTG Plus range. They have all been specifically designed to ensure increased wear life and improved bucket performance in 30 to 85 ton. excavator and loader buckets.

  • Offering a wide range of reversible wing shrouds that allow for changing the position to achieve the complete wear of the part, this increasing its wear life.
  • Avoids exposure by the bucket’ sides to impacts and abrasions, increasing its wear life.
  • Complete range for wing widths of between 30 and 60mm.
  • MTGtwist hammerless system.
  • Wear material index above 70%.
  • Its sharp, light design increases bucket penetration, improving machine productivity.
  • Complete wear of the shrouds is achieved, thus prolonging its wear life.
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