New Cat 14M3 Motor Grader has larger engine, increased fuel efficiency and enhanced features for performance, durability and safety

New Cat 14M3 Motor Grader has larger engine, increased fuel efficiency and enhanced features for performance, durability and safety

The new Cat 14M3 motor grader builds on the solid design of predecessor models with a larger engine, increased fuel efficiency, improved machine balance, enhanced transmission performance, advanced electro-hydraulic steering, more powerful telematics, and added operator-safety/convenience features. An easily maintained drawbar-circle-moldboard assembly is designed for productive performance in a range of applications, and long-term durability of major structures combines with low operating costs and serviceability to provide optimum value.

Premium features

The Cat C13 ACERT engine replaces the C11 engine in predecessor models and features an ECO mode that boosts fuel economy by limiting the engine’s high-idle speed to 1,750 rpm in working gears, while maintaining machine power. ECO-mode savings are especially significant when working at high idle in light to moderate applications in gears 3R to 5F.

The 14M3’s lift arm and center shift assembly use a single, heavy duty steel casting designed to dissipate working forces, and the rear frame features two bumper castings and thick hitch plates. A series of patented, easily installed “top-adjust” metallic or nonmetallic wear strips and wear inserts ensure that drawbar-circle-moldboard components maintain a “factory-tight” condition that promotes high quality work and significantly reduces operating costs. An adjustable circle drive also assists in maintaining assembly tightness and further reduces service time and costs.

The standard Variable Horsepower system is designed to closely match power requirements in all gears, and the Consistent-Power-To-Ground feature automatically changes engine power levels to compensate for cooling-fan losses, resulting in consistent power delivery in all ambient temperatures and working conditions. The C13 ACERT engine is available in three versions to suit emissions standards in the area of use. All emissions solutions are transparent to the operator and do not interrupt working cycles.

The 14M3’s 8F/6R power-shift transmission has a wide operating range for application flexibility and maximum productivity. The Cat Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System (APECS) enhances gear-to-gear shifting by maintaining consistent torque flow and smoothing shift points. The Shuttle-Shift feature enables directional shifts without slowing engine speed or using the inching pedal, and an available Autoshift system allows programming shift points to best match requirements of specific applications.

An engine-over-speed-protection system prevents downshifting at excessive ground speeds, and the standard automatic differential lock disengages during turns and re-engages during straight travel, simplifying operation and protecting the power train.

For added braking capability, hydraulically actuated, oil-cooled, disc brakes at each tandem wheel feature larger brake discs and piston areas, compared with predecessor models. Also, separate oil supplies for braking and implement systems eliminate cross-contamination, reduce heat, and extend system-component life. An available compression brake enhances the 14M3’s overall stopping power.

The 14M3’s load-sensing hydraulic system incorporates advanced electro-hydraulic operation for precise, responsive implement control. Proportional Priority Pressure-Compensating valves provide different flow rates for the head and rod ends of the cylinders, further ensuring consistent, predictable control. Balanced, proportional hydraulic flow enables all implements to operate simultaneously with consistent speed at consistent engine speeds.

Blade-float features allow the entire blade to follow ground contour, or the toe of the blade can follow a hard surface, while the remaining cylinder is controlled manually. A 14-foot (4.3-m) moldboard is standard; a 16-foot (4.9-m) version is optional. A range of cutting edges and bits are available, as are a three-shank ripper, scarifier, and snow plow and snow-wing options.

Integrated Technologies

A fully scalable, factory integrated Cat GRADE with Cross Slope system allows operators to easily maintain desired cross slope by automatically controlling one side of the blade. In addition, newly patented Stable Grade and Auto Articulation technologies improve operator performance and productivity. Stable Grade detects and reduces machine bounce during operation while Auto Articulation improves maneuverability and performance in tight working spaces and enhances operator comfort. Cat Advanced Control Joysticks are optional with Cat GRADE with Cross Slope, and they also allow precise operation with AccuGrade™ and when using snow wings. The Advanced Control Joysticks allow the operator to configure auxiliary hydraulic functions safely and effectively without removing either hand from the controls, which results in decreased operator fatigue and increased productivity.

More effective fleet management is placed in the machine owner’s hands with the Cat Product Link™ telematics system. The system allows remote monitoring of machine location, fuel usage, machine performance and fault codes via the secure VisionLink® user interface.

Operator environment/safety

Intuitive joystick controllers in the 14M3 replace the multiple levers and steering wheel of conventional motor graders, reducing hand and arm movement by up to 78 percent for less operator fatigue. The logical control pattern allows any operator to quickly become productive. Steering is speed-sensitive, becoming less sensitive at higher speeds, and a secondary steering system engages automatically if required.

Selectable blade-lift modes—fine, normal, and coarse—match blade control to the application, and the “Return-to-Center” system automatically restores straight-frame travel from any articulation angle.

The 14M3’s large windows provide excellent all-around visibility, and the optional rearview camera enhances sight lines to the rear. The standard suspension seat features side bolsters for comfortable side-slope operation, and heated/ventilated seats are available. The high-capacity HVAC system pressurizes and dehumidifies the cab for year-round comfort.

Machine service/technology

Service intervals for the 14M3 have been extended, including 500-hour engine-oil changes and 2,000-hour transmission and differential oil changes. Most routine maintenance points are accessible from ground level, LED lights are available for the engine compartment, and wear indicators allow brake wear to be measured during routine service without removing brake pods. Oil-sampling taps are easily accessed, as are pressure taps for various systems.

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