New Rubber Track for Toughest Applications

Robust and high-performance: Continental Trackman is a world-leading brand of rubber tracks for the agricultural and construction sectors. ContiTech is now launching a re-designed rubber track to the market, Trackman XP. This product is designed as a positive drive track, and has been specially adapted to the requirements of the off-highway sector. Not only does it reduce vibrations and improve the ride comfort, the developers have also increased the service life once again.

Trackman XP rubber tracks feature a high-performance structure with positive-locking drive lugs. “The rubber tracks are built with a special anti-vibration technology that reduces vibrations and thus increases the driver’s comfort, particularly when pulling heavy loads,” said Rob Schultz, product manager for rubber tracks. “In addition, the optimized rubber compound of the treads ensures low wear and offers protection against damage.”

The new product is constructed with Maxxtuff, a trademarked process that includes several layers with a great density of steel cords. As a result, Trackman XP now has the highest concentration of steel cords on the market. And to complement this, the patented Armorlug technology ensures a longer service life. “In this technology, we use two layers of a reinforced fabric ply without overlaps or adhesion,” says Schultz. “The fabric strengthens all four sides of the drive lugs, and stretches into the carcass in order to ensure additional protection. In addition, the Trackman XP is the rubber track with the highest corrosion resistance on the market thanks to its patented zinc-coated cord.”

Rubber tracks for cost-effective solutions

Rubber tracks are designed to work on both positive and friction drive agricultural and construction equipment. Compared with wheels, they distribute the weight of the equipment more evenly across a larger surface to prevent soil compaction. Continental Trackman rubber tracks are constructed with the largest of equipment and toughest of applications in mind. Even at drive capacities of over 500 hp, they offer extreme traction on soft, pliable soils, while their high abrasion resistance and long service life are impressive, even in the most difficult of conditions. The Trackman rubber tracks consume less energy than other track variants, forming the basis for complete economic solutions that are profitable throughout the entire operating life.

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