New Wheel Loader Monitors Machine Metrics

Lower fuel consumption, higher travel speeds and greater production efficiency are some of the advantages contractors are seeking in heavy equipment. The new WA600-8 wheel loader from Komatsu America Corp. offers those benefits, along with a variety of other features.

Equipped with an EPA Tier 4 Final certified engine, this latest addition to the wheel loader family includes an enhanced lockup torque converter function.

By optimizing control of engine power and improving power train and hydraulic efficiency, the WA600-8 consumes up to 13% less fuel than its Tier 3 predecessor. The standard bucket capacity has increased to 9.2 cubic yards, and the bucket fills more easily, retains material better and provides better visibility, contributing to machine efficiency and productivity.

The loader also features full rear fenders with steps and handrails at both sides of the machine, which adds convenience for daily inspections. Enhancements in cab comfort and machine stability are also featured.

A KOMTRAX Plus telematics system monitors key machine metrics, fuel consumption and performance information, collected and sorted by operator ID. Also, Komatsu-integrated load meter data is available on the machine monitor and remotely via the Web.

This type of equipment technology gives machine operators access to realtime data, ultimately improving business processes at the connected jobsite.

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