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NHCA to make History hosting a Legislative Fly-in at Capitol Hill

NHCA to make History hosting a Legislative Fly-in at Capitol Hill

September 4, 2019

On September 10, 2019 NHCA will gather in Washington DC to present the interests of Hispanic and minority contractors across the country to US Representatives and Senators.

The National Hispanic Construction Association will partner with the National Association of Minority Contractors, the strongest minority Non-Profit Organizations in the Construction Industry, to serve as hosts for the 2019 Joint Congressional Breakfast taking place on Capitol Hill. The event, which will present the topics of concern and interest of the minority contractors across the country, represents a key platform for start-ups and all minorities struggling with the same issues.

“NHCA acknowledges that many of the minority contractors in the filed share everyday difficulties; as a National Trade Organization we focus on providing the tools and resources to help our members overcome those difficulties.” said John H. Martinez-D, President of the Board of NHCA. “Giving Hispanic contractors the possibility to sit and discuss with House Senators and Representatives marks a milestone in the history of our community. For us it’s all about improving, advancing and succeeding in business.”

“The National Association of Minority Contractors is looking forward to co-hosting the 2019 Joint Congressional Breakfast with the National Hispanic Contractors Association. I am excited about potential outcomes,” said Dan Moncrief, National President.

The Joint Congressional Breakfast is a crucial part of the agenda of the Legislative Fly-in, which will offer a variety of meetings with Senators and Representatives of the different states in our constituency. For more information about the NHCA 2019 Legislative Summit please visit www.builtbylatinos.org

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