One Spider crane RAGNO XTJ 43/C for the rental company Possetti Srl



The Rental Company Posseti Srl introduces one Palazzani RAGNO XTJ 43 in its fleet, equipped with a hydraulic winch of 500 kg.

Owned by Mr. Claudio Possetti and his brother Massimo, the company is located in Northern Italy and offers solutions to construction, industry and mining sectors Companies and end users, including machines sales, rentals and after-sale service. The company was born in 1960 , growing experience in the sector and specializing in rental in the latest years.

“Our rental fleet includes some aerial platforms with 30 meters of max w/h. We needed a platform reaching 40 meters and this is the reason why we contacted Palazzani Industrie”, says Mr. Claudio Possetti. “We looked for a platform replying everybody’s needs, able to operate in every type of working  site: city, mountain, narrow streets, difficult grounds, small entrances or access. RAGNO XTJ 43 fully satisfies all these needs!”

Further than the function as a platform for aerial work, the machine delivered to Possetti Srl is equipped with hydraulic winch lifting 500 kg. The optional transforms the machine into a spider crane just taking off the cage.

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