Palazzani: A Spider XTJ 32 to support the research

Palazzani: A Spider XTJ 32 to support the research

November 27, 2017

Ragno Palazzani XTJ 32 / C has become very useful to students of Politecnico in Milan, enabling them to easily reach each side of the statue of San Carlo Borromeo located in Arona (NO).

The research on the statue of San Carlo Borromeo began this year, after the excellent conservation of the artefact, produced in a copper and iron alloy, and which has been exposed to any kind of weather since 1698, has caused enormous curiosity in the experts. This study will allow to get new information about the complex and will give more help in the restoration process of the statue.

The students of Politecnico in Milano, together with Dr Goidanich, led the project, carrying out specific analyzes of the metals of which the statue is made up.

Thanks to the hire company Ovieni & C., headquartered in Busto Arsizio (VA), which has 50 years of experience in the rental of aerial platforms, the research staff has been able to find and use the machine to reach in a quick and simple way also the highest point of the statue of San Carlo. The Palazzani XTJ 32 Spider Platform combines the versatility of Spiders with the simplicity of maneuvering traditional self-propelled vehicles. The set up is simple and quick due to the simultaneous descent and the synchronized articulation of the stabilizers. Transfers are also fast on high slopes, and soil-specific pressure is extremely low thanks to the wide rubber track. The controls of Spider XTJ 32 are simple, quick and precise. Without the help of a spider platform, it would have been impossible to carry out all the operations, as the statue is on top of a hill and inside a park: access by a truck would have undoubtedly damaged the lawn on which it stands majestic.

Palazzani: A Spider XTJ 32 to support the research

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