Potain MCT 275 tower cranes chosen for residential project in Baghdad

Potain MCT 275 tower cranes chosen for project in Baghdad

Two Potain MCT 275 tower cranes are leading construction on TILAL BAGHDAD, a major new high-rise residential development in Baghdad, Iraq. Real estate company Mawared Al Khaleej is building the new development and purchased the cranes directly from Manitowoc’s sales team in the Middle East. IDP, Manitowoc’s dealer for Egypt, and local construction equipment company HEWA Holding, are providing local installation and service support.

Mawared Al Khaleej opted for the MCT 275 tower cranes for their excellent lifting capacity and reliability to ensure lifting operations continue uninterrupted throughout the two-year project. One crane is working with a jib of 55 m and an initial height under hook of 30 m. The other is working with a 65 m jib, and an initial height under hook of 45 m.

The Potain MCT 275 is available in two versions, one with a 10 t maximum capacity and the other with a 12 t maximum capacity. Both offer multiple jib length configurations from 30 m up to an impressive 70 m, in increments of 5 m. On the TILAL BAGHDAD project, the developer is using the 12 t versions, which offer a lifting ability of up to 2.2 t at their 70 m maximum jib end.

Carina El Rkaiby, Manitowoc regional sales manager for Middle East, Africa and CIS, expressed her delight at securing these cranes for this new high-profile development in downtown Baghdad, and paid tribute to the exceptional work of IDP and HEWA Holding.

“Our partners at IDP did a great job supporting the erection and commissioning of the cranes. This project is one of the most important buildings of Iraq’s modern era, so special thanks to Kareem Atef and Ahmed Yousry at IDP, along with the engineering team plus the crew from HEWA Holding who used great skill and experience to ensure the smooth assembly and commissioning of the cranes.”

Mawared Al Khaleej is a leading Baghdad-based real estate brokerage while Hewa Holding, headquartered in Arbil, Iraq is the largest importer of construction goods in the country.

To learn more about the MCT 275, click here.

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