Profit Hotel Trade Fair: New Surface Material from ContiTech Meets the Highest Demands of the Industry

Profit Hotel Trade Fair: New Surface Material from ContiTech Meets the Highest Demands of the Industry

Ultra wear-resistant, fire retardant, easy to maintain, and effective against bacteria and viruses – the Dynactiv product portfolio of surface specialist Benecke-Kaliko offers exactly what the hotel industry needs. On December 8, 2016, Benecke-Kaliko presented its comprehensive solutions for the hotel industry, architects, and interior designers for the first time at the Profit Hotel trade fair in Warsaw. The foils specialist had an ace up its sleeve for its debut – Dynactiv 675 is a new product, which can be put to optimum use in the hotel industry thanks to its innovative surface structure. “The product offers completely new possibilities for the market, as furniture with this textile looking surface can now be used indoors and outdoors without any problems thanks to the properties of the specially developed material,” said Jose Antonio Segura, Responsable of Dynactiv Surfaces R&D Department at Benecke-Kaliko.

Complete Dynactiv portfolio meets highest demands of the hotel industry

Benecke-Kaliko was showcasing surface materials for the areas of hospitality, health and home to visitors. “We will not only be presenting high-quality materials with an extremely broad selection of colors and designs – our materials stand out mainly for their strong properties,” explained Segura. “We also develop customized surfaces based on their individual requirements. Our solutions are therefore of extreme interest to interior designers in the hotel industry.”

Hospitality products for interior and exterior areas are used in hotels, restaurants and bars, cinemas, and shopping malls. The materials in this range are all highly resistant to wear and aggressive substances, as well as being very easy to clean. Moreover, the surface materials of the Home series are highly durable and very easy to maintain. The products for seating are designed for daily, heavy-duty use and can also be exposed to the weather. Health products were developed for the health sector, day care facilities, and also fitness studios. The properties of these products are also of interest to hotel chains due to their characteristics; no additives that are harmful to health and are resistant to bacteria, fungus, and viruses – thereby conforming to the highest hygiene standards. In addition Benecke-Kaliko is also able to manufacture products according to a number of different fire protection certifications to cater to a wide range of countries and requirements.

Close to customer – worldwide on-site service

Benecke-Kaliko, part of the ContiTech division of the Continental Corporation, develops and manufactures surface materials for a variety of important industries – for example indoor and outdoor furniture but also for passenger and commercial vehicles and the off-highway sector – at seven locations in Germany, China, Mexico, Poland, and Spain, and operates 16 international sales offices in North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

The Dynactiv surfaces stock product portfolio stand for dynamic and active products and comprises eight different product groups overall. In addition to the hospitality, health and home series, the portfolio also includes surface material for mobility (durable, fire-retardant, and easy to use in public transport), blend materials (blends, granulates, and recycled material blends), power products (state-of-the-art and energy-producing protective covers for natural conservation of resources), protection surfaces (protective and work clothing), and fashion products (base materials for the fashion industry). “Our customers benefit from a wide range of products of the highest quality and an optimum on-site service through the global development and competence as well as a strong network worldwide,” explains Fernando Elizburu, marketing manager of Dynactiv at Benecke-Kaliko.

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