Ragno TSJ 25/C delivered to the Ministry of Navy Defense at the ancient Arsenal in Venice

Thanks to Rinaldin Group, a Company settled on Veneto region since 1983, one RAGNO TSJ 25/C was delivered  to the Ministry of Navy Defense in Venice.

The Venetian Arsenal is a complex of former shipyards and armories clustered together in the city of Venice in  northern Italy. Owned by the state, the Arsenal was “one of the earliest large‐scale industrial enterprises in  history, build in around 1104.

Innovated by Galileo, who advised military engineers and instrument makers and helping to solve shipbuilders’  problems, the Arsenal produced the majority of Venice’s maritime trading vessels, which generated much of  the city’s economic wealth and power, lasting until the fall of the republic to Napoleon’s conquest of the area.

Now the area guests also the International exhibitions of Cinema, Arts and Architecture, offering its visitors an  extraordinary and unique contest in Venice.

RAGNO TSJ 25/C will be used for the maintenance of rain piping, the interventions to the external lighting and  radio television and for general inspections and interventions on roofs and structure.

Rinaldin Group is successfully operating since 1999, offering high quality products. The family work together  with great passion to get the actual modern, welcoming, very well organized Company, dedicated to the  commercialization and service of agricultural, industrial and gardening machinery.

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