Road Safety Signage Revolutionised by Leicester Company

Amber Valley Developments LLP are a small innovative Company based in the heart of middle England in Leicestershire, who are singlehandedly changing the way road users can improve their safety precautions.

The company have designed a number of new inventions that can be fitted to trucks and large vehicles that will give a whole new level of protection to the ever growing number of cyclists on our roads.

L.E.D. Signs for Trucks

Any message or graphics in any language, landscape or portrait. Can be powered through the indicator circuit to help eliminate blind spot accidents ADR versions available.

The signs fitted to the rear and sides of large vehicles will light up with pertinent safety messages that could help to save lives on the roads. Messages such as:

  • “Blind Spot Take Care!”
  • “Beware, Vehicle Turning – Stay Back”
  • “Cyclists Beware When Vehicle is Turning Left – DO NOT PASS ON THIS SIDE”

These will be illuminated in yellow and black, with an image of a cycle to aid attention and quicker understanding when moving along the road.

Managing Director and Designer, David Morewood said: “With so many cyclists now using earphones listening to music while they ride, it is vital to be able to attract their attention quickly and effectively and alert them of a possible danger. We believe that this will have a huge impact on deaths and injuries for cyclists.”

Amber Valley Developments at Bauma Show Munich 2016

The dedicated team have spent many months developing a whole range of Road Safety Equipment which they are currently taking to market at BAUMA Exhibition, in Hall B6  the 31st Edition of the World’s Leading Trade Fair in Munich from April 11–17, 2016.

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