New SSAB Domex Plus speeds up production

New SSAB Domex Plus speeds up production

October 29, 2018

SSAB Domex Plus is part of the SSAB Domex family, although it is practically a brand-new steel. It is particularly well suited to high-volume automated production lines.

The steel adds a new level of performance for companies doing stamping, punching, slitting and complicated die forming.

SSAB Domex Plus changes many perceptions of what is possible, even with today’s premium steels. The production process gives it an extremely fine microstructure, which has a strong positive effect on the steel’s mechanical properties.

This steel has a guaranteed value for impact toughness that goes as low as -60°C and a typical value of 300 J at -20°C.

In mechanical cutting, the edge shows practically no burrs or ridges. The cut surface is very smooth and free from micro-cracks, also at very high cutting speeds.

Another important aspect is the superior local formability. High-stress bending and forming can be performed without cracks, improving yield and quality of the final product drastically.

The steel has high tolerance for worn tools. When punching tool edges start to become dull and tool clearances are growing, SSAB Domex Plus keeps performing. Longer production runs and fewer tool changes naturally make the production more cost-effective.

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