TA300 articulated dump truck makes way for new Czech motorway

TA300 articulated dump truck makes way for new Czech motorway

Czech Republic-based company ATM CZ has invested in the help of a Terex Trucks TA300 articulated dump truck to extend the country’s D11 motorway by 15.5km.

Extending a busy 90km motorway is no easy task, from earthwork to compaction and paving, there’s a lot to do before motorists can use the new road. This is something ATM CZ, a Czech Republic-based company specialising in large earthworks, road and motorway construction, knows all too well. The firm has recently started work on a two-year project to extend the D11 motorway by 15.5kms. The road currently connects the Czech capital Prague and the city of Hradec Králové. Once the project is complete, the motorway will continue to Smiřicemi. The motorway is part of European route E67 – the so-called Via Baltica – from Prague to the Finnish capital Helsinki by way of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. To move the vast amount of earth and materials on site, ATM CZ purchased a Terex Trucks TA300 articulated dump truck to help them get the job done.

Simple and effective performance

ATM CZ bought the 28-tonne capacity articulated dump truck from Terex Trucks’ dealer AUSTRO Baumaschinen (ABM). The TA300 is powered by a fuel-efficient five cylinder Scania DC9 engine. It has a maximum payload of 28 tonnes (30.9 tons) and a 17.5M³ heaped capacity (22.9 YD³).

“I chose the TA300 because of its excellent fuel economy, operator comfort and the service and support Terex Trucks provides,” says Tomáš Michalička, owner of ATM CZ. “My crew continually praise the TA300 for its simple and effective design. It has also been good to work with ABM again. Although I am a first-time Terex Trucks customer, we’ve been working with ABM since 2012 and they’ve previously supplied us with other machines, such as excavators. We are extremely happy with the level of service and support they offer. In fact, things are going so well that I’m already thinking about buying a second Terex Trucks articulated dump truck from ABM.”

Trusted to deliver

Terex Trucks range of off-highway articulated dump trucks are recognised and trusted across the world for their reliability, flexibility and performance in the most extreme environments. These highly productive machines are perfect for construction, quarrying and mining applications. “The Terex Trucks TA300 articulated dump truck is a proven performer in the toughest applications,” says John Mlonek, Commercial Sales Manager at Terex Trucks. “It’s great to hear that ATM CZ, as a first-time Terex Trucks customer, is happy with the machine and is already thinking of buying a second unit.”

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