Tesmec presents its new corporate identity

Tesmec presents its new corporate identity

Tesmec S.p.A. (EURONEXT STAR MILAN: TES) (“Tesmec” or the “Company”), at the head of a group leader in the market of technologies for infrastructures (overhead, underground and railway networks) related to the transport of energy, data and materials (oil and derivatives, gas and water), and of technologies in surface mining, presents its new corporate identity, with a new logo that intends to best reflect the Group’s mission, based on technological innovation and sustainability.

An evolution that aims to underline the long history of growth of the Tesmec Group – born in the 1950s as “C.R.F. – Officina Meccanica di Precisione S.p.A.”, a company specialized in high-precision processing for mechanical parts – and today a real tech company, a leader in innovability, or in other words projects that combine innovation and sustainability. The ability to match the development of digital and integrated solutions with the historical mechanical and technological component has contributed to an evolution and diversification of the Group’s innovation paradigm and to the achievement of growth milestones at a global level: in this way Tesmec has evolved from an Italian company rooted in a territory rich in excellence and skills, into an international player that successfully faces the challenges posed by digitization and the energy transition.

The new Corporate Identity is therefore a further step in this path and aims to provide a clear and unambiguous identification tool, through a single logo representing all Business Units and all subsidiaries, which also strengthens the internal sense of belonging.

Tesmec logo has been rationalized in its shapes and graphic signs and redesigned in order to achieve a more modern and clean version. The previous geometric construction was retained while trying to lighten the weight of the letters, without losing the solid visual impact that has always characterized the Group’s graphics. The result is a clean logotype with a technological and digital style, which also allows great versatility of use. The codification of font and primary color now best represents the company’s personality and values, as well as the Group’s modernity.

At the same time, the potential of the energy, digital, and green transition, which are of primary importance in the Recovery Plans of the countries where Tesmec operates, affect all strategic sectors in which the Group is active, through the creation of modern infrastructures, the installation of cables and optical fibers, the modernization and safety of railway networks, the increase in sustainable mobility, the switch to renewable energy sources, as well as the growing importance of the efficiency of energy networks.

The new Corporate Identity of Tesmec therefore aims to further highlight the Group’s continuous path of technological innovation and sustainability and is also expressed in a Brand Book, a tool to facilitate a coherent communication of the evolution process faced by the Group.

The President and CEO, Ambrogio Caccia Dominioni, commented as follows: “Tesmec’s growth path over more than 70 years of history has led our Company to become an international Group with significant size and complexity. In this context, to face the current contemporary challenges that impose more complex challenges every day, it is fundamental to visually communicate our values and feel united to build an important future together. For this reason, we launched the Tesmec Corporate Identity project: respecting local diversity, we must focus daily on strengthening the Group spirit, with the aim of enhancing the company’s objectives, values, and culture, sharing the main milestones achieved, consolidating the sense of belonging and building a consistent Group image.”

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