The right tire for Material handling in industrial environments

The right tire for Material handling in industrial environments

BKT, the leading Off-Highway tire manufacturer has always been focused on its product’s quality being synonymous with performance, safety, and durability as proven by rigorous testing. Yet, when choosing the most suitable tires for specific usage conditions such as those typical of industrial environments, several factors come into play, which are all crucial in ensuring smooth running and continued operation.

As a matter of fact, in industrial settings, tires can significantly impact the overall performance, safety and cost of operations. That is why BKT has prepared a guide outlining the elements to consider when choosing the ideal tires for material handling equipment.

A good starting point is to identify the distinguishing features and advantages that differentiate them from one another, thus making them suitable for certain conditions and different fields of application. Solid tires, for example, are puncture resistant, and hence ideal for harsh environments or those typically characterized by sharp elements, debris, and rough surfaces. Cross-ply tires, on the other hand, ensure excellent resistance against impacts and punctures, stand for greater stability and comfort when used on uneven surfaces, and can generally handle higher loads than radial tires. By contrast, the latter provide greater fuel efficiency, increased durability, and a smoother ride compared to cross-ply tires, especially at higher speeds.

“Analyzing the various types of tires enables making informed decisions based on the intended final usage, but it is also crucial that the product suits the working environment. In this regard, it is wise to consider the surface conditions where the equipment will be operating, as well as possible exposure to chemicals and temperature,” comments Piero Torassa, Field Engineering Manager at BKT. – Load capacity and tire size are likewise crucial factors. In particular, overloading can actually lead to premature wear and potential safety hazards.

That is why BKT tires are rigorously tested to ensure optimum performance under a wide variety of conditions and, most importantly, to improve the safety and comfort of workers operating in industrial environments.

First and foremost, among the most popular and widely used tires in the BKT range, there is LIFTMAX LM 81, a tire for forklifts and industrial tractors employed in heavy-duty operations. It features a durable and robust tread design and is made of a unique antistatic compound to ensure resistance to electrostatic energy buildup from the vehicle, providing at the same time low wear and a long tire life. It is distinguished by its solid All-Steel casing and the reinforced sidewall, which provide stability and safety in lift mode, as well as exceptional traction. The tire also complies with antistatic standards, and, as a result of its features, it dissipates static charge from the equipment.

MAGLIFT (RIM GUARD), instead, has been developed for forklifts that are typically employed for the heaviest tasks in industrial environments and logistics operations. It features a solid and robust tread pattern, provides exceptional front and side traction, and boasts high load capacity without compromising operator’s ride comfort; the tire’s special bead edge ensures protection against wheel damage while ensuring exceptional durability and strength. The tread is also distinguished by low rolling resistance, while the reinforced bead structure prevents the risk of slippage on the rim. The tire is particularly cut-and-chip resistant resulting in a longer product life-cycle.

And finally, for industrial environments that are characterized by low temperatures, BKT has designed SNOW GRIP, which is again ideal for forklifts. The tire has a unique tread design with special edges that provide unparalleled grip and stability on cold, slippery, or icy surfaces in addition to excellent stability and braking performance.

No matter for which solution you opt, it is essential to rely on tires that are specifically designed to meet the typical needs of this sector, and to contribute to safe material handling and streamlined processes. A set of elements that is reflected in practical terms in BKT tires, each of which has its own specific functions and features, but they are all united by high quality standards.

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