Three Palazzani Spiders for Lift‐Ex AG

Lift‐Ex AG

3 Spiders by Palazzani have joined the important rental fleet of Lift‐Ex AG. TSJ 23.1 / C, XTJ 32 / C and XTJ 43 / C  all Bi‐energy (diesel engine and electric motor) powered and tracked.

Recently delivered to the headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland, they started working immediately. Lift‐Ex AG was born 16 years ago, and it was acquired by the Company Feldmann Pneukran and Transport AG, a leading company in the crane rental sector in Switzerland, in January. Today the Company is divided into 4  sectors: rental, sales, repair shop, specialized department of education.

The application of aerial platforms is steadily increasing also in Switzerland, especially for Spiders, for their versatility to cover many applications and to face complex operations in reduced spaces, in indoor and outdoor, transferring and working easily.

Low weight, extendable tracks and fast set‐up are other appreciable features. Shopping malls, museums, covered parking sites, are common working sites which find these aspects a must.

RAGNO XTJ 43 / C was strongly needed with the hydraulic winch, lifting 500 kg, to get a versatile combined  machine in the fleet (an aerial platform and a crane without its crane) to carry out two different types of work.

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