TYTHUS: a drone on a cable from DRONEMATRIX

TYTHUS: a drone on a cable from DRONEMATRIX

DRONEMATRIX is a high-tech drone start-up company and is part of the RiskMatrix Resultants EU Group (in short, RMR). It has participated at GLOBAL ROBOT EXPO 2017,  an international exhibition of robotics and related technologies that had his last edition on the 2, 3, 4 February 2017 in Madrid, Spain. There has presented his latest news in unmanned aircraft systems: YOSHUA, TYTHUS and YACOB.

Over the last 10 years, RMR has been working on a series of ICT products and services that today hold a leading position in the security services sector (man-guarding). RMR has developed (i) an ERP software platform (I-BOSS) to support security services companies to operate and run their business and (ii) smart technology solutions for entrance control & logistics flow optimization.

The underlying philosophy of the group and of DRONEMATRIX is to keep introducing new innovative smart technologies to the fascinating world of security and safety. The disruptive element that comes along with these new technologies and related business models represents a challenge for all stakeholders, a challenge that has a significant organizational change associated with it.

The primary focus market of DRONEMATRIX is on this evolving market of Security and Safety. More specifically in the domain of incident monitoring, perimeter control, environment monitoring and inspection. Secondary markets are events/entertainment, inspection, logistics.

DroneMatrix has 3 product offers: YOSHUA, TYTHUS and YACOB.

YOSHUA is an intelligent piece of hardware connected to a flight community platform, which aims to provide a safe and insured drone-flight experience. It is a black box with a unique ID (number plate), equipped with position- and motion sensors ensuring that the drone can be identified and located at all times. The flight platform provides real time tracking & tracing, as well as handling information on specific flight conditions such as weather, presence of any other nearby drones/airplanes (sense & avoid), no-fly zones (geofencing), obstacles, etc.

In this way, it is attached to the drone, logging all flight data and transmitting the information wireless to the servers. YOSHUA includes an insurance through the subscription fee, based on your actual flight minutes (airtime), providing protection against damage caused to third parties.

TYTHUS – Drone on a cable – the first drone that can stay in the air for hours ! from Ronny Kenens on Vimeo.

TYTHUS is a drone on a cable. It is an unmanned aircraft system that uses tether technology, which provides power from a ground station to the drone in the air. All battery-powered multirotor drones on the market today have limited endurance in the range of 20 to 40 minutes. In theory the TYTHUS has unlimited flight-time. Due to fact that it is a highly automated system it can be set up and launched in a few minutes and it is easy to use & to operate via a tablet.

This is the ideal solution to facilitate surveillance operations on large complex sites, organise rescue missions, monitor any other activity on a small or large scale or conduct aerial observation missions. The TYTHUS can be configured with different types of payloads: high definition PTZF camera, IR camera, 360 camera or any type of camera required.

YACOB is an autonomous drone in a box. It is an intelligent drone docking station allowing a drone to operate fully or semi-autonomous. YACOB can accomplish two types of autonomous missions: a planned mission flying a pre-defined route based on way-points or (an event triggered mission flying to a specific location. For example: When an intruder or an unregistered vehicle is detected, automatically a drone will be activated and start the mission.

The drone will than perform a dedicated task(s) during the mission and transmit footage to the 24/7 security control room. YACOB can do several types of missions such as surveillance patrol, checks of equipment, boarder control, etc. The batteries of the drone are automatically recharged when the drone is in stand-by mode in the docking station. The docking station has its own weather station built-in and will also take into account the on-line weather predictions (via cloud connection) to evaluate if a flight is safe and the drone can take off or not.

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