ULMA takes part on the construction project of the new office building Eschborn in Germany

ULMA takes part on the construction project of the new office building Eschborn in Germany

February 21, 2017

The Eschborn industrial park is slated to be home to the headquarters of various multinational corporations and government agencies. As part of an effort to spur local economic development, two significant office buildings are being built in the southern part of Germany, one of which is the ‘Bauteile, Management Circle und Zühlk’, featuring more than 10,000 m² of total space and a car park for 200 vehicles.

Relying on its wide range of formwork and scaffolding systems, ULMA was able to provide perfectly-suited and cost-efficient solutions for every aspect of the project: VR table modular formwork, aluminium CC-4 aluminium modular formwork, ORMA modular formwork, and F-4 MAX articulated column formwork were all used to form different components of the curved edges and S-shaped corridors.

ORMA modular formwork was used to construct the walls of the new office building Eschborn as well as the car park, where single-faced UCAB Trusses were also employed. The pillars were given a high-quality finish with the articulated formwork F4-MAX, which as an additional benefit can be folded compactly for ease of transport.

The slabs were poured with the aluminium CC-4 system, fitted with a drop-head that significantly reduces pouring cycle-times and allows material to be recovered for earlier reuse. In addition, ULMA supplied 2 m x 4 m VR Tables to encircle the building perimeter, thus providing working platforms and eliminating the need for additional formwork assembly on the slab edge. Careful planning with this system is crucial, to ensure that the tables fit perfectly in the pattern designed.

In the new office building Eschborn, as in all projects, safety played a critical role at every stage. The two-storey entrance was one of the many features requiring special attention in this regard. For the work undertaken at a height of 8 m, T-60 shoring towers were equipped with an intermediate level used as a working platform.

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