World premiere KOBELCO CRANES Mark 2 G-Series at BAUMA 2016


At Bauma 2016 KOBELCO will showcase the latest technologies and development in crawler cranes. Kobelco’s Crawler Crane line-up is engineered to be the best in the industry… with many models excelling in multi-purpose applications from general purpose lifting to clamshell, grab, piling and diaphragm wall operations. Kobelco cranes are designed for excelling worldwide in performance and reliability in the most extreme working conditions and at the most remote job locations! At this years’ Bauma KOBELCO will be introducing: 6 new models of the new Mark 2 KOBELCO CKE-G and BME-G Series: CKE800G-2 with 80t x 3.0m max. lifting capacity CKE900G-2 with 100t x 3.6m, 90t x 3.9m CKE1100G-2 with 110t x 3.6m CKE1350G-2 with 150t x 4.4m CKE2500G-2 with 250t x 4.6m BME800G-2 with 80t x 3.0m

Continuing the excellent concept and features of the G-series as it takes over from the first generation, the Mark 2 G-series machines have been improved to be more environmentally-friendly and easy-to-operate.

Improvement of Lifting Capacity of CKE1350G-2

The CKE1350G-2 of the Mark 2 series provides 150t x 4.4m max. lifting capacity as max. lifting capacity has been improved from 135t to 150t compared to the CKE1350G which had 135t x 4.5m max. lifting capacity.

A New Clean Diesel System At Bauma 2016

KOBELCO is introducing 6 new models with the new Clean Diesel System Engine with exhaust gas emissions in compliance with NRMM Europe Stage IV and US EPA Tier 4 Final regulations. The new Clean Diesel System Engine utilizes a DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter) to reduce particulate matter(PM) and an SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) to reduce nitrogen oxide, which is also kept to a minimum using negative ions.

Exhaust cleaning by SCR and DPF

SCR is an exhaust gas after-treatment system. The system converts harmful NOx, which are contained in the diesel engine exhaust gas, with the aid of a catalyst, namely AdBlue®, into harmless diatomic nitrogen and water. With the combination of a DPF, which is perfect for reducing PM, the exhaust gas from the engine is much cleaner and eco-friendly.

Improvement of energy-saving function G-Mode

All G-Series models are engineered with “G-mode”, 3 energy saving systems from KOBELCO to help conserve energy by reducing fuel consumption.

We improved the usability of the G-mode which is adopted on mark 2 G series. As an example, for the idling stop function, under certain conditions, the AIS can be activated by the operator. With the increase in the opportunities to use the idling stop function, further energy-saving effects can be expected.

G-Winch: G-Winch for maximum line speed at low idle, saving energy. The high speed mode allows the hook to be raised or lowered at maximum line speed without raising engine speed when lifting without a load, or even when lifting with a light load.

G-Engine: G-Engine keeps the engine running within fuel-efficient parameters by limiting maximum engine speed. Engine speed is reduced but pump capacity is controlled to maintain maximum winch speed for running or lifting. Using the G-Engine function reduces fuel consumption by approx. 10% when compared to operations on a normal crane.

AIS: This Auto-Idle-Stop feature stops the engine when the engine on the crane is idling, which lowers emissions and saves fuel.

Improvement of transportability and assembly

As with previous models, the dimensions and weights of the main machines and all attachments are less than 2.99m width and 45 ton metric tons. In addition, we made further refinements to auxiliary platforms and boom insert handling, aimed at improving the speed and safety of the assembly and disassembly of these items.

Kobelco’s mark 2 G-series models will be the exciting main attraction at the Kobelco Cranes exhibit at BAUMA 2016. These innovative cranes have been created from end-users and real jobsite experiences, incorporating transport, assembly, and operator friendly concepts.

Bauma 2016_ Press Conference

Bauma 2016_ Press Conference


The Kobelco Remote Observation Satellite System, or KCROSS, is also standard on G Series models and is a proprietary system that allows remote monitoring of the unit from the owner’s desktop. The system was designed to be as user friendly as possible, providing daily, weekly, and monthly reports that the owner can print. This allows him to look at all of the cranes data in a simple and easy-to-read format.

The owner can simply log on and click the daily report tab, and a one-page report will show the hours the unit worked, how much fuel was consumed, how many minutes the crane idled, the main winch was used, how many minutes the crane travelled, how many minutes the crane slewed, how many minutes the crane held a load, what percentage of chart the crane lifted, and much more.

Other design features of KOBELCO G-Series include a compact structure for transportability, a larger cab design, an LMI touch screen, an improved counterweight self-installation mechanism and an optional counterweight detection device. Other features include reduced charts for working with reduced counterweight.

The G-Series is a “versatile” crane designed to stand front and center in many applications. The cranes were designed for ease of use and simplicity, with the customer in mind.

Showcasing at BAUMA 2016:

CKE900G-2 with 100t* x 3.6m, 90t x 3.9m max. lifting capacity

CKE2500G with 250t x 4.6m

*the value is theoretical result

CKE900G-2: The CKE900G-2 has a maximum lifting capacity of 100 metric tons at 3.6m (theoretic result) and 90 metric ton at 3.9m. Its boom length spans from 12.2m to 61.0m. Its fixed jib offers a maximum lifting capacity of 10.9 metric tons and the maximum combination of boom with fixed jib boom is 51.8m + 18.3m, and reaches to 68m working radius.

The crawler’s engine is a 213 kW 2.100-rpm HINO four-cycle, water-cooled, vertical inline, direct-injection, turbo-charged model with an intercooler in compliance with NRMM EU Stage IV engine emission regulations. The crawler crane’s fuel tank holds 400 liters.

Its main and auxiliary winches have a maximum line speed of 120 m/min., and a rated single-line line pull of 112 kN (11.4 tf). It travels at 1.7 km/h, has an operating weight of 90.0 t, transport weight of 41.350 kg, and 31.900 kg of counterweight.

CKE2500G: The CKE2500G has a maximum lifting capacity of 250 metric tons at 4.6m. Its nested boom length spans from 15.2m to 91.4m. Its fixed jib offers a maximum lifting capacity of 27 metric tons, and the maximum combination of boom with fixed jib is 76.2m + 30.5m and reaches to 96.6m working radius. Its luffing jib offers a maximum lifting capacity of 80 metric tons and the maximum combination of luffing boom with luffing jib is 61.0m + 61.0m, and reaches to 82m working radius.

The crane’s engine is a 271 kW 1.850-rpm HINO four-cycle, water-cooled, vertical inline, direct-injection, turbo-charged model with an intercooler. The crane’s fuel tank holds 400 liters.

Its main and auxiliary winches have a maximum line speed of 110 m/min., and a rated single-line line pull of 132 kN (13.5 tf). It travels at 1.0 km/h, has an operating weight of 220 t, transport weight of 44.570 kg, and 90.400 kg of counterweight.

Kobelco Cranes is renowned for smart engineering – aiming to increase versatility and flexibility with productivity boosting technical advances – from advanced winch systems to self-diagnostic multi-display monitors. All designed to give users a competitive edge and provide top performance.

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