Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: CONSTRUCTION

Bentley Systems announced the finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards in the category of Construction for going digital advancements in infrastructure:

  • AAEngineering Group, LLP

Phase II of Pustynnoe Gold Plant: modernization and capacity increase

Balkhash, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Project Playbook: AECOsim Building Designer, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, ContextCapture, Descartes, LumenRT, MicroStation, MineCycle, Navigator, OpenPlant, OpenRoads, ProjectWise, Promis.e, ProStructures, SITEOPS, STAAD

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: CONSTRUCTION

The Pustynnoe Gold Plant in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan required renovation to increase plant capacity and accommodate changes in the metallurgy process. AA Engineering Group, LLP was awarded the engineering, procurement, and construction contract after demonstrating that they could meet the strict requirements imposed by the owner to accommodate its current digital enterprise management system, minimize plant production interference, and reduce utility consumption. The company utilized a set of Bentley engineering applications, beginning with the tender through front-end engineering, detailed design, and construction.

The team modeled the plant layout, equipment, and piping using Bentley’s civil design and analysis capabilities and used AECOsim Building Designer as the platform for model assembly. Reality modeling in ContextCapture and visualization of installation and construction work packages in Navigator facilitated construction management. Working in ProjectWise’s connected data environment streamlined workflows throughout the project’s lifecycle. Bentley’s integrated technology reduced rework, diminished plant interference, and generated accurate bills of quantity, saving costs. Facility handover occurred two months ahead of schedule, providing the client with an additional USD 2 million profit and full lifecycle asset management capabilities.

  • Lendlease Engineering

New bridge over the Richmond River at Broadwater

Ballina, New South Wales, Australia

Project Playbook: AECOsim Building Designer, ContextCapture, Descartes, gINT, LumenRT, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenRail ConceptStation, OpenRoads, ProjectWise, STAAD

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: CONSTRUCTION

A new bridge over the Richmond River was built as part of the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade in South Wales, Australia. Lendlease Engineering was contracted to design and construct the 1-kilometer-long, 35-meter-wide bridge, supported by 25 piers. The AUD 520 million project required that the bridge be designed as a visual landmark and built within a restrictive time frame. To optimize design and meet the shortened construction period, Lendlease implemented a collaborative 3D BIM and 4D construction management strategy.

Deploying Bentley’s integrated modeling technology optimized the conceptual design process, resulting in the innovative solution to construct a wide bridge with a single precast headstock shell, the first of its kind in Australia. Using a single precast headstock shell during construction eliminated most of the temporary construction works and 20,000 hours of manual labor. The precast unit was completed in three days, compared to three weeks to finish a headstock. Reality modeling and visualization applications facilitated 4D construction sequencing while ProjectWise provided a connected data environment to serve as a single source of truth.

  • Tianjin Tianhe-Cloud Building Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and China State Construction Bridge Co., Ltd.

Main Channel Road Project of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port (Zhoudai Bridge)

Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China

Project Playbook: AECOsim Building Designer, ContextCapture, gINT, LumenRT, MicroStation, MOSES, Navigator, OpenBridge Modeler, OpenRoads, Pointools, ProjectWise, ProStructures, SACS

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: CONSTRUCTION

The main channel road of the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port is part of a CNY 16.8 billion marine infrastructure project in China’s eastern city of Zhoushan to improve transportation and promote rapid development of the regional economy. Tianjin Tianhe-Cloud Building Engineering Technology is responsible for BIM implementation and China State Construction Bridge is responsible for construction. Faced with structural and technical complexities and a large amount of construction materials amid extreme weather conditions and site constraints, the organizations jointly carried out a collaborative 3D BIM design and construction management strategy.

The teams used AECOsim Building Designer, MicroStation, and Bentley’s civil and structural design and analysis applications to establish a 3D model, which identified and resolved 120 drawing problems and 624 collisions prior to construction. Using Navigator and MOSES for construction simulation optimized the construction plan, saving nearly CNY 5 million and accelerating construction progress by 10 percent. Reality modeling technology was used for construction verification to ensure accuracy. Bentley’s integrated BIM solutions drove intelligent construction, improving design reliability, reducing safety risks, and enhancing construction quality and efficiency.

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