50 trucks mine phosphate in Jordan

50 trucks mine phosphate in Jordan

Longstanding customer COMEDAT calls on 50 Terex Trucks rigid dump trucks to work in phosphate mines in Jordan.

With a partnership that dates back to the 1970s, Jordan’s largest phosphate mining contractor, COMEDAT, called on Terex Trucks once again to add 50 machines to its fleet for work mining phosphate in the north and south of the Middle Eastern country.

“Terex Trucks delivers excellent performing machines,” says Sameh Dababneh, CEO of COMEDAT. “From experience no matter how hard I push the trucks they keep on going, so when it came to expanding my fleet there was only one company I could look to.”

Used to feed the world, the production of phosphate is generally consumed as fertiliser, and its annual demand is growing almost twice as fast as the human population. Although poor in water resources per capita, Jordan is rich in history – and is helping to keep the world spinning as it boasts plentiful supplies of phosphates. The kingdom is the fifth largest producer of phosphates globally and has an estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of phosphate reserves.

Record breaking fleet

Established almost five decades ago, COMEDAT is a family-run business. A leader in phosphate mining, the company is the proud owner of one of the largest fleets of Terex Trucks in the world, with close to 120 machines consisting of a mixture of 100-tonne capacity TR100s and versatile TR60s. No stranger to the Motherwell-built products, the Dababnehs trust the rigid dump trucks to maximise efficiency in the company’s opencast operations.

The robust machines are required to work day and night, as COMEDAT runs 24 hours, seven days a week and 365 days a year. The proven performers, which provide excellent rimpull thanks to a resilient drivetrain and rear axle configuration, are used to haul overburden removal, while others descend 56 metres below the surface to carry phosphate.

An avid believer of standardising, Dababneh adds: “We’ve been with Terex Trucks for years and we’re still as happy as we were with the trucks on the day we first became customers. The trucks are simple, reliable and durable. It’s a tough running vehicle so it’s very forgiving and works with very basic maintenance.

“I have colleagues who run other brands and from what I know is that if failures occur in their trucks it’s serious, but if a failure occurs in Terex Trucks’ haulers it’s a quick fix.”

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