8th EDITION OF ITA TUNNELLING AWARDS: 4 finalists in the category of Project of The Year

8th EDITION OF ITA TUNNELLING AWARDS: 4 finalists in the category of Project of The Year

The 8th edition of the ITA Tunnelling and Underground Space Awards returns this December in digital. One of the categories of the competition is focused on rewarding the Project of the Year (between 50 and €500M). Amongst all of the projects submitted for this category, the panel of judges identified 4 finalists this year.

Since 2015, the international competition seeks and rewards remarkable achievements in tunnelling and the underground industry. Organized by the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association, the event both showcases the most ambitious underground projects all over the world as well as the latest innovations, techniques, and methods in tunnelling…

Sub sea rock tunnels Faroe Islands – Faroe Islands

Eystur- and Sandoyartunnlar – two sub sea tunnels in one project in the Faroe Islands, being excavated fully in rock. The Faroe Islands; an archipelago of 18 islands in the Atlantic Ocean N of Scotland and W of Norway, a basaltic sub-continent separated from their surroundings. There are 22 road tunnels in use in the islands, incl. 2 older subsea road tunnels, and 2 new sub sea tunnels, the Eystur- and Sandoytunnlar that have recently been completed. Current plans for tunnels mean each inhabitant will have appr. 2 metres of tunnel. Few nations, if any, can match this. Eystur- and Sandoytunnel, are 11,3km and 10,9km long respectively, reaching to 190 m below the sea level. Whilst Eystutoytunnel entered into operation on the 19th of December 2020 the tunnel breakthrough in Sandoytunnel took place in early February 2022. The project owner is Eysturoy- and Sandoytunnlar pf, a limited company given concession by the Faroese Parliament to design, construct and operate the project based on a small start-up capital by the government and carrying the construction investment by loans. The construction work was awarded the contractor NCC late 2016, and the first tunnelling works commenced early 2017. The figures are impressive by themselves, only one sub sea road tunnel of its kind and with similar length exists at present worldwide. However, the main issue in this particular project comes along with the positivism that these tunnels originate in the general public. The tunnels, in combination with 2 existing (but shorter) subsea tunnels enable a ferry free connection of all the islands in the Faroe Islands, with one exception. Hopefully, the success of these two new tunnels and the experience gained will provide courage to prepare for an even longer tunnel in the future, namely to the last island (Suduroy) which would be an appr. 25 km long sub sea tunnel. For 50.000 inhabitants the two tunnels are a major investment. The total construction cost has a value per capita which is 8 times or more compared to benchmark projects like Femern, Storebælt, Rogfastand or Eurotunnel.

Engineering firms: SINTEF Community / Norconsult / Landsbyggifelagid
Contractors: NCC
Cost: 2.65 billion DKK
Technical information: 2 Tunnels 10.9 km and 11.3 km long

Tunnel Project of Baoji- Pingkan Highway – China

The route of Baoji Pingyuan expressway starts from Baoji City, ends at Pingkan, Feng County of Shaanxi Province. Tiantaishan tunnel is located between Baoji South interchange and Tianba interchange of Baoping expressway, with a total length of 15.5km. The tunnel adopts two inclined shafts and one vertical shaft for longitudinal ventilation. The No.1 inclined shaft is 915.7m long with a longitudinal slope of -40.175%; The No.3 inclined shaft is 1753.7m long with a longitudinal slope of-13%; the shaft is 564.7m deep with a diameter of 8.5m, Tiantaishan tunnel is the controlling project of Baoping expressway, with a total cost of RMB 2.676 billion. The project was started in November2016 and completed in August 2021, taking 4 years and 10 months. The project is handed over for tunnel opening in August 2021.

Engineering firms : First Highway Consultants Company
Contractors : China Railway First Bureau Group Co., Ltd., CCCC Second Highway Engineering Bureau / Co., Ltd.,China Railway 12th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., Ltd
Cost : 2.676 billion yuan
Technical information : The left tunnel of Tiantaishan tunnel is 15483m long and the right tunnel is 15560m long / The sectional area of the tunnel is 98.84m2

World’s first spiral excavation using H&V Shield Tunnelling – Japan

The Tachiaigawa River’s Rainwater Discharge Pipe Project aims to reduce damage from flooding in the vicinity while at the same time improving the quality of the water that flows directly into the Katsushima Canal through the existing sewerage by constructing two 775 m long, 5 m inner diameter sewage pipelines underneath the Tachiaigawa river in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo. It is inevitable to face various restrictions and difficulties when planning large-scale infrastructure projects in Tokyo, one of the most densely populated cities in the world. This project was strictly restricted in its tunnel alignment along the route both horizontally and vertically due to the narrow width of the river coupled with the existence of the underground structures of the sewerage facilities. Thus, to cope with these restrictions, the H&V Shield Tunnelling Method (Horizontal to Vertical) was adopted, which is capable of simultaneously constructing two adjacent tunnels in a spiralling manner by two inter-connected TBMs. The main reasons are to reduce damage from flooding in the vicinity and to improve the quality of the water in the river basin and canal. Two newly constructed discharge pipelines assure the safety and security of the community by reducing the damage from flooding in the vicinity as well as economic loss in the future while at the same time improving the water quality in the basin.

Engineering firm : NIHON SUIKO SEKKEI Co., Ltd.
Contractors: Shimizu Corporation
Cost: 140M €
Technical information: 775m x2 / 5.85m x2 (dimaeter)

Xiamen Metro Island-Xiang’an Cross-sea Tunnel – China

The Xiamen Metro Island-Xiang’an Cross-sea Tunnel is the southwest-northeast link between Xiamen Island and Xiang’an East Sub-center. It is mainly the sea-crossing traffic link between the Island and circum-bay cluster, and also a part of the public traffic network inside and outside theIsland. The Xiamen Metro Island-Xiang’an Cross-sea Tunnel considerably alleviates the trafficcongestion on the routes to and from the Island and is an important step to promote regional development and coordinated economic development of Xiamen. The air shaft foundation pit is sized 33.9mx22.4mx43m (LxWxD). The underground diaphragm wall is 48.7m deep and embedded rock14m deep. Trench construction is difficult if conventional technology is used. The tunnel is 6.5km longin total and its undersea section is 3.64km long. It is the controlling project for Xiamen Metro Line 3.

Engineering firms: Guangzhou Mass Transit Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd/Holsin Engineering Consulting Group Co.,Ltd. Consortium
Contractors: China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd.
Cost: 425 million euros
Technical information: the Xiamen Metro Island-Xiang’an Cross-sea Tunnel is 6.5km long, including 3.64km undersea section.

The digital awards event will take place from December 5 to 7. The winners will be announced and celebrated on December, 7th 2022.
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