Continental Reaffirms its Commitment to the Mining Industry with Broad Portfolio of Products and Services

Continental Reaffirms its Commitment to the Mining Industry with Broad Portfolio of Products and Services

Continental, an international technology company, used MINExpo 2016 to showcase its broad portfolio of products and services specifically designed for the mining industry to reaffirm its commitment to that industry. “In challenging times we want to add mutual value to our customers. Thus MINExpo gives us an excellent opportunity to show our customers that Continental can indeed supply their needs with an all-inclusive portfolio of products and services,” said Enno Straten, Continental’s managing director of Commercial Specialty Tires”.

The portfolio of products that is on display at MINExpo includes commercial specialty tires, truck tires, industrial hoses, power train belts, vibration control systems, advanced multi-purpose instrumentation and displays,360-degree camera systems and control units as well as a variety of services . “With these products and additional services such as Continental telematics solutions, we believe we are contributing to safe, efficient, clean, and comfortable mobility within the mining industry while offering solutions tailored to our customers’ individual needs – all from a single source,” Straten added.

Two earthmoving and four underground mining tires will be presented in Las Vegas:  The Continental EM-Master as well as the Continental RDT-Master demonstrate the companies’ commitment to the earthmoving sector. The all steel radial carcass of those tires ensures excellent cut and impact resistance while guaranteeing good fuel economy.

The Continental UndergroundMaster, DrillMaster, DumperMaster and ScoopMaster are specifically designed for the needs of mining, their specialized features are unique to their applications and its unique requirements.

With these six tires Continental enhances its comprehensive specialty tire portfolio and fortifies its commitment to the mining industry.

Continental is showcasing four hydraulic hoses and four industrial hoses.  The hydraulic hoses are launching three new series of Constant Pressure Spiral hoses.  They are XCP4S, XCP5S, XCP6S, all new hoses that expand Continental’s hydraulic product offering in the high-pressure hose range.  The industrial hoses are the Mine Spray, Flextra Rock Dust, Brigade Mine and Spiraflex Rock Dust.

On the belting side, three power transmission products will be featured.  They are the Hy-T Wedge, SilentSync and Conti Synchrochain Carbon. These are three different drive options for a single theoretical drive to be able to cope with dynamic power transmission at extreme stress under full load. Each drive has progressively higher power ratings, demonstrating how much more power can be driven by smaller belts due to improvements in technology and engineering.

Continental now will be offering lightweight prototypes – products made from glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide – for construction vehicles and machinery for the first time. This will offer a potential weight reduction of up to 60 percent, even with large components and at the same time will lower consumption. Additionally vibration isolation and noise reduction products damp vibrations and structure-borne noise, isolate machinery oscillation, and noticeably increase ride comfort.

The control units are optimizing mining applications with structure and diversity. The offerings include a Central Body Control unit, CBCU3 family that satisfies the growing demand for reliable and powerful onboard control units by centralizing the intelligence and input/output management of the cabin and body to one device, and a generic multiplex node, the MUX4-Pcu. It is the master variant of the generic multiplex node MUX4-Pn for general purposes. In addition, integrated and retrofittable camera systems enable 360-degree monitoring of the vehicles.

In instrumentation and displays, Continental is offering an expanded range of products.  The MultiViu line of advanced multi-purpose display solutions are innovative information displays offered in a range of sizes and input/output options to provide flexibility for equipment manufacturers. The MultiViu Professional 12 is an instrument cluster style display that features a high-contrast, true-color, 12.3” TFT screen that displays 2D graphics.  The additional offerings include the MultiViu High, MultiViu Compact4 and the FlexCluster.

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