FPT Industrial’s Pregnana Milanese celebrates 50th anniversary with its employees

FPT Industrial's Pregnana Milanese celebrates 50th anniversary with its employees

The FPT Industrial plant in Pregnana Milanese just turned fifty and is celebrating its long-lasting heritage of excellence by looking at new goals to be achieved in the future. From its creation in 1967, Pregnana Milanese originally dedicated its efforts to the production of stationary sprinklers, then to Power Generation applications, Marine and industrial engines: it grew constantly, and it is now considered a real “engines atelier” among the ten plants FPT Industrial owns all over the world, thanks to its highly specialized processing methods.

The plant celebrated its 50th birthday with a special event dedicated to its history and employees. On this occasion, the plant Manager Sara Bonacci invited employees, their families and also retired workers to celebrate their careers. FPT Industrial, in fact, has honored twenty of them with merit, recognizing their efforts with a special gift. Everyone also received a wrench with a serigraph of the “50 years of Pregnana” celebrative logo.

During the event, guests had the chance to discover a special corner dedicated to the history of the plant, another where some of the engines produced in the plant were on display, and also the “Three point” hull concept by Fabio Buzzi, first presented at VBV Legends in Viareggio last summer. In addition, the employees and their families experienced the brand’s Virtual Reality, a 360° dive into the RED FPT: the boat designed by Buzzi capable of winning some of the most prestigious offshore races in the world.

The bond between Pregnana and the sea has always been strong, and it keeps growing. The plant is, in fact, mostly dedicated to the customization of power generation applications and marine engines. Its approach to production makes it one of the most important in Northern Italy: here engines are shaped and adapted to the customers’ need and, in 2016, 573 variants of eight engines – and 13 emission levels – were conceived.

A few months ago, the plant also started the process of adopting the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) method: in the near future Pregnana will become a part of this challenging program, which already includes all FPT Industrial plants. The transition to the World Class Manufacturing Method has already started to bring improvements: one of these is the possibility to have all the materials employees need right at their station, delivered to them with special trolleys. This allows a cleaner environment, where people work in a simpler way, ensuring even higher quality products modelled on customers’ need.

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