Genie launches EMEAR production of new Genie S-65 XC

Genie launches EMEAR production of new Genie S-65 XC

Genie is pleased to announce that it is launching the production of the new Genie S-65 XC™ telescopic boom lift in its factory of Umbertide in Italy for the EMEAR region (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia). With a maximum working height of 21.81 m (71 ft), this new model is the latest addition to the expanding Genie Xtra Capacitiy™ (XC) boom lift range.

Providing the ability to perform a wider range of heavier lift tasks on construction and industrial jobsites, like all Genie XC boom lifts, the new S-65 XC boom offers a dual lift capacity of 300 kg (660 lb) unrestricted and 454 kg (1,000 lb) restricted to work with up to three people onboard while still leaving room for tools and jobsite materials.

Deliveries of the new Genie S-65 XC boom lifts are scheduled as from October 2018. With customers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland in mind, Genie will be showcasing a prototype of the Genie S-65 XC boom lift at Platformers’ Day to be held in Hohenroda, Germany on 14th and 15th September.

Adding to the production of the articulating Z-45 XC boom lift, the new Genie S-65 XC boom lift is the first telescopic XC model to be manufactured at the brand’s factory in Umbertide, Italy – the Genie “Boom Centre of Excellence” for the EMEAR region, dedicated to the production of the Genie boom lifts that are the most popular among EMEAR customers, ready equipped with the options they prefer.

 “The XC nomenclature lets customers know that with these Genie Xtra Capacity models they can do more with a single XC unit than with a standard machine,” says Zach Gilmor, Genie Product Manager, Terex AWP. “And thanks to updates in the design and technology, these Genie XC models carry more load — 300 kg (660 lb) unrestricted and 454 kg (1,000 lb) restricted capacity — than their predecessors. Genie XC booms are designed to perform.”

New to this generation of telescopic booms, as applies to other Genie XC booms, the new Genie S-65 XC boom lift features automatic envelope control. This is the ability to automatically retract as the booms reach their operating envelope, allowing for simple platform positioning and an enhanced operator experience. It is also equipped with a load sense cell that continuously checks the weight in the platform and limits the operating envelope to match the load chart, as well as boasting the ability to perform zero load field calibrations.

The Genie S-65 XC boom lift also offers an expanded working zone thanks to a new chassis tilt sensor incorporated into the machines’ function. This unique chassis tilt sensing technology gives operators access to different ranges of motion based on the chassis angle.“ Equipped with this new technology, this new Genie XC booms not only carries more load than ever before but is also be able to maximize access to hard-to-reach work areas on challenging jobsites,” adds Gilmor.

Like other Genie telescopic XC boom lifts, the new S-65 XC also features the new Genie Lift Power™ generator solution. This optional system includes a dedicated hydraulic circuit, a right-sized breaker and no pressure switch to run the unit reliably, which allows the power to lift and drive during operation. To provide reliable power solution, the CE compliant Genie Lift Power system is available with 3 kW power output and is quickly convertible from the European 230V/50Hz power system to the 115V/50Hz UK system..

All Genie telescopic XC booms have been updated with a CAN-based control system, which incorporates the familiar Genie SmartLink™ control system that features on these popular booms. Operators will find the control layout on these machines to be consistent and intuitive, making the operation of the booms easy and straightforward.

The Genie S-65 XC boom offers  21.84 m (71 ft 1 in) working height with 16.51 m (54 ft 2 in) of outreach and features a 36 kW (48 hp) diesel engine. Its XC design also includes a 1.83 m (6 ft) dual entry or a 2.44 m (8 ft) tri-entry platform with side-swing gate to make it easy to get people, tools and jobsite materials in and out of the basket.

As one of the models in this new generation of Genie telescopic XC booms, the S-65 XC retains the productivity features that enhance customers’ ability to get work done quickly, including:

  • Below ground reach of 2.65 m (9 ft)
  • Virtual pivot primary boom aligns the machine’s center of gravity for lower machine weight
    • 11,412 kg (25,160 lb) on the Genie S-65 XC model
  • 4WD and positive traction drive maintains equal power to all drive wheels
  • Ramped boom control system provides smooth boom functions and control
  • Fixed-width axles allow faster setup
  • Active oscillating axle enhances traction on rough terrain and keep the 4 wheels on the ground
  • 360˚ continuous rotation turntable for quick positioning
  • Lift Guard™ Contact Alarm

“Genie XC booms can reduce the number of lift cycles, as well as the amount of equipment customers need to get tools and materials to work areas at height,” says Gilmor. “Doing more with a single unit saves time and increases productivity.”

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