Systems and Services of GF Piping Systems at ISH 2019

Systems and Services of GF Piping Systems at ISH 2019

With the systems and services presented by GF Piping Systems at the ISH 2019, planers, installers and operators of buildings are on the safe side and receive solutions that are also ready for any future requirements.

With its innovative systems and solutions, GF Piping Systems supports owners and operators of residential and commercial buildings in managing their properties reliably, effectively and sustainably. The company’s solutions contribute to lowering the construction and maintenance costs. They accomplish high standards for energy-efficient and ecological construction and building management, while reliably complying with legal and normative requirements.

“By offering extensive services and materials we also make it easier for planners and fitters to reliably and economically comply with the wishes of customers,” said Arnaud Andreolli, Product Manager of Drinking Water Hygiene and Valves at GF Piping Systems.

At the ISH, the company will exhibit the systems and services that are of interest to everyone involved in the planning, construction and operation of various building types.

Hycleen Automation System – a sanitary automation revolution

Based on its many years of experience in the hydraulic calibration and securing drinking water hygiene, GF Piping Systems developed the revolutionary Hycleen Automation System. It secures the required stable temperatures of the drinking water system, which minimizes bacteria and biofilms. All relevant parameters can be monitored in real time for detailed supervision of the system. The constant maintenance of the required temperatures of the drinking water system in the lower range of the legal requirements ensure optimal energy consumption. At the same time, the system offers high convenience through the quick supply of warm water. Planning, installation and maintenance are easy to implement.

JRG Sanipex MT drinking water system: Hygienically perfect installation

The drinking water system JRG Sanipex MT is free of dead spots in the area of the fittings that are easy to process and detachable. It reduces pressure losses to a minimum. This way, it creates the basis for hygienically perfect drinking water.

COOL-FIT: greatest efficiency in building cooling

The innovative piping system COOL-FIT for building cooling is pre-insulated at the factory. This considerably reduces the installation times. The system is around 30 percent more efficient and maintenance-free for at least 25 years. This additionally reduces energy and maintenance costs.

GF Hakan Aerator: Higher capacity in the sewage system

This innovative fitting was developed for an optimal balancing of the hydrostatic pressure in the sewage system. Venting and drainage pipes no longer need to be parallel. It increases capacity while saving space and costs.

Over 60,000 products: GF Piping Systems for every requirement

The product range of GF Piping Systems includes more than 60,000 products and innovative established brands such as JRG and Hakan. This allows the company to offer comprehensive system solutions that help operators, planners and fitters to implement their projects in line with their requirements and budgets in a future-ready way.

BIM libraries: easier planning, closer cooperation

The BIM libraries by GF Piping Systems for Autodesk Revit allow planning with real-life dimensions and automatically generated parts lists. They help reduce planning errors, reduce project times, and support the digital cooperation among the project partners.

New issue of “Building Technology – Plan, Build, Operate”

The comprehensive knowledge platform for the entire life cycle of a building was fully revised for the ISH. It supports the quicker and more efficient planning, constructing, and operating of buildings. As a comprehensive resource of information for trainees and students and a handy compendium for experienced engineers and pipe fitters, it is a companion for the entire career of professionals in the field. The knowledge platform published in 20 country editions and six languages. All information is aimed at local markets and carefully revised. It is available as a PDF file and soon also as a printed version.

“The exhibition is an excellent opportunity for pipe fitters and expert planners to experience the integrated systems as a whole and to discuss future-ready building installations with our experts,” said Peter Schaub, Global Market Segment Manager Building Technology at GF Piping Systems. The company will be present at the ISH 2019 with two stands – one for utilities management and one for building technology.

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