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New industrial plant in Algeria to precast power substations

New industrial plant in Algeria to precast power substations

October 29, 2018

Moldtech has been chosen in a new project, to provide equipment, installation and the commissioning of a full industrial plant for the production of precast electrical power substations in Algeria.

This new industrial precast plant will allow the customer to produce three different types of power substations, whose capacity will be 10 Kva, 30 Kva and a special model of seven meters in length for special solar energy projects.

The precast system is based on the production of reinforced concrete panels on fixed tables and tilting tables, which are joined together in an assembly table. Moldtech is the supplier of all special formwork systems and equipment.

The project includes three tilting tables, a fixed table, a turning table and an assembly station, as well as auxiliary and lifting equipment. Moldtech has designed the production systems according to the specific elements that the client requires for the production of all the precast elements that imply a high level of detail and precision.

In this project we have worked together with the client’s know-how provider, Schneider Electric France, with which Moldtech has already collaborated on several occasions in similar projects in other countries.

In this integral project, Moldtech will also coordinate all aspects of the industrial process and the production layout of precast elements, and the concrete production.

The start of production of this new industrial precast plant is scheduled for the first months of 2019, and the delivery of the equipment will be made within a record period of 10 weeks.

Once again, Moldtech demonstrates its capacity in engineering design, equipment production and commissioning of a turnkey global project in Algeria.

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