JCB offers extensive Loadall aerial work platform range

JCB offers extensive Loadall aerial work platform range

JCB has completed a range of aerial work platform baskets, for use with four of its popular Loadall telescopic handlers. The JCB work platform baskets allow personnel to work at heights of up to 20.3m, with a maximum working reach of 11.63m.

The key features of the aerial work platform baskets are:

  • Three load capacities of 365kg, 500kg and 1,000kg
  • Designed for use with 14m, 17m, 18m and 20m Loadall models
  • Fully EN280 compliant design
  • Constant speed basket slewing mechanism
  • Rear axle lock to maximise stability
  • Access operation

JCB has designed and developed in-house a full range of aerial work platform baskets for use with its 14-20m Loadall telehandlers. There are three platform options, depending on Loadall model, with capacities of 365kg, 500kg and 1,000kg. The smallest basket is a 2.4m fixed design, while the two larger models offer extending decks from 2.2m to 4.4m and a 180° slewing function.

The aerial platforms can be used with JCB’s 540-140, 540-170, 540-180 and 540-200 Loadall models. Dependant on model the machines can be specified with a choice of command control multi levers or single lever control systems. The platforms are fully radio remote-control to allow flexibility when working within the platform and to avoid the need to run wiring to the basket. There is an interlock on the park brake and the machine’s stabilisers before the machine will enter ‘man platform mode’, which is via the transition of a transponder key from the base machine to the remote control.

This prevents movement of the machine while the platform is in use. However the basket can be removed and the transponder key returned to the machine so that the Loadall can be used as a traditional telescopic handler, adding to the versatility and utilisation of the machines.

All of the JCB aerial work platforms conform with EN280 standards and JCB has specified a rear axle lock on the Loadall chassis to deliver maximum stability in access configuration, whether working in platform mode or as a conventional Loadall. The slewing platforms use an innovative chain drive mechanism to provide smooth, stepless constant speed rotation through a 180° operating arc.

The Loadalls are equipped with an emergency recovery system, in line with EN280, to ensure that the boom can be safely lowered to the ground in the unlikely event of an engine failure or running out of fuel. The machines are also equipped with an audible warning when the boom angle is below 20°, to warn operatives at ground level that the platform is being lowered.

Interlocks on all Q-fit carrier pins ensure that the platform is safely secured and the baskets are fitted with a weigh load system that is integrated with the adaptive load control system to prevent overload.

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