JLG to showcase forward-looking technologies and equipment at APEX 2017

JLG to showcase forward-looking technologies and equipment at APEX 2017

JLG Industries, Inc. showcased a range of forward-looking technologies and innovative equipment designed to increase productivity, lower total cost of ownership, and improve safety on the jobsite during APEX. The ninth annual APEX exhibition occured May 2-4 at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Developed to boost operator productivity, JLG featured a static demonstration at APEX of a JLG concept boom positioned on uneven terrain, which displays the machine’s self-leveling chassis automatically leveling itself in a longitudinal and/or horizontal direction, depending on the demands of the terrain. The self-leveling chassis reduces three-wheeling, allowing the machine to maintain traction on sloped or uneven ground. Machines equipped with a self-leveling chassis can traverse slopes up to 10 degrees with the boom elevated, which means greater uptime and less repositioning. This feature allows easier loading, unloading, and transport, as the chassis can be lowered to reduce the total height of the machine. A transparent organic light emitting diode (OLED) screen will show the self-leveling chassis working through several jobsite scenarios, including traversing uneven terrain, offloading from a flatbed truck, and working at height on uneven ground.

JLG will also highlight SkyGuard, its control panel protection system, at the booth. Earlier this year, JLG announced SkyGuard is standard equipment across the entire JLG portfolio of boom lifts. When activated, the revolutionary SkyGuard system stops all functions in use at the time, then temporarily reverses or undoes most functions that were in use when the system was activated. This reverse functionality is the first in the access industry. SkyGuard can be activated from a variety of angles and provides additional protection without impeding or reducing the work envelope of the boom lift. Nor does it increase the boom lift platform profile or limit the use of the platform. The system resets with a cycling foot switch or e-stop, and with no moveable parts, it eliminates the need for scheduled or additional maintenance. SkyGuard kits are available to customers for specific models of boom lifts ordered prior to 2017.

Additionally, JLG showcased a second safety-focused technology – the No Touch Enhanced Detection System (EDS) for scissor lifts, which is an advancement of the company’s existing Soft Touch System. Soft Touch uses whisker proximity switches to stop a machine when it makes contact with an object or structure. No Touch EDS uses advanced infrared technology to sense an object or structure nearby – first slowing, then stopping the machine before it makes contact. A visual and auditory warning alerts the operator when a boom or scissor approaches a structure. No Touch EDS then stops the machine, limiting its operation to reverse mode, unless the operator overrides the system to inch closer to complete the work at hand. If the operator doesn’t override the system, the machine remains in reverse mode until it is safely clear of the obstruction, when it will return to normal operation. No Touch EDS is ideal for aviation, aerospace, and other industries where operation near costly structures requires extra care.

To help equipment owners lower total cost of ownership, JLG demonstrated its telematics technology. Telematics helps rental owners manage their access equipment fleet, thanks to enhanced connectivity for equipment with constant visibility and the ability to monitor how and where machines are operating in real time. The telematics technology allows users to track the vital signs of their equipment, including hours of usage, machine diagnostics, fuel consumption, real-time faults and alarms, and engine oil pressure and temperature, as well as theft deterrence. Rental owners can also diagnose machine problems, monitor ideal PM intervals to reduce unexpected failures, and plan more efficient service calls with technicians – helping lower the fleet’s total cost of ownership, thanks to improved uptime, better time management, and improved longevity from each investment.

JLG also demonstrated at APEX the future of training with its lift and access equipment simulator. The simulator employs advanced gamification learning, similar to a video game experience, to familiarize operators with the controls and operation of boom lifts and telehandlers.

2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of the first Power Tower low-level access model, and the company will celebrate by showcasing the following models in its current low-level access offering:

  • 830P push-around mast lift

The 830P uses hydraulics to lift operators to a working height of 4.50 meters and offers a generous 0.10-by-0.75-meter platform featuring 220 kilograms of capacity, allowing workers to take a lot of tools and materials with them – resulting in jobs completed quickly and comfortably. A lightweight design allows operators to push the lift into position, making it ideal for finish work traditionally reserved for ladders and scaffolding, as well as sensitive floor applications. The 830P is also ideal for other maintenance, industrial, and facility work applications, and is an affordable alternative to traditional low-level access, such as ladders and scaffolding. The machine gives workers the ability to use both hands on the job rather than needing to maintain three points of contact. Heavy-duty, auto-locking wheels on elevation provide a secure base and require no setup time, while a flip-up and self-supporting platform – combined with neatly packaged components – allows for serviceability. A long battery life results in many lift cycles (100-130) per charge, helping lower total cost of ownership and boost productivity. The 830P’s hydraulic requirements are reduced, thanks to a very small hydraulic tank, and it comes with a sealed AGM battery that is maintenance-free.

  • 830SPE powered-access mast lift

The 830SPE offers 4.50 meters of working height and 200 kilograms of capacity, and features a full 1-meter cantilever deck. The machine is light enough (540 kilograms) to use on raised access and other delicate flooring. Additionally, an innovative tilt-up platform provides complete access to the serviceable components when locked into the service position, even if the machine is inoperable.

  • EcoLift™ 1.5 push-around lift

The EcoLift 1.5 features 3.33 meters of working height and 150 kilograms of platform capacity, and is a safe, cost-efficient alternative to ladders and scaffolding. The push-around lift is easy to maneuver through jobsites, and quiet operation makes it a preferred piece of equipment for finish work on construction sites or as maintenance access equipment in schools, hospitals, and other institutions. Additionally, the innovative EcoLift 1.5 is virtually maintenance-free, thanks to a patented stored power lift/lower system that requires no batteries or hydraulics oil.

In addition to low-level access products, JLG featured the following machines at APEX:

  • 1230ES driveable vertical mast lift

The 1230ES offers 5.66 meters of working height and 230 kilograms of platform capacity. The machine features a hydraulically-operated vertical steel mast lift with an electric scissor drive/power/control system. Quiet, clean, and smooth operation lends itself to a variety of environments, while electric front-wheel drive provides outstanding maneuverability and long duty cycles. Additionally, the 1230ES’ integrated component design with four hydraulic hoses reduces the potential for leaks and assists with maintenance to keep workers on the job longer.

  • 4045R electric scissor lift

Introduced at CONEXPO 2017, the 4045R features 13.79 meters of working height and 349/249 kilograms of platform capacity for indoor/outdoor applications, respectively. The 4045R features a slim line design for seamless movement in and around tight work areas, offering 45-inch machine width – the narrowest among competitive manufacturers in its size class – making it ideal for use in distribution centers, warehouses, and tightly-spaced aisles. The machine’s compact footprint allows side-by-side transport in most tracks and inside containers for lower transportation costs and improved efficiency. The 4045R also features Soft Touch, which uses whisker proximity switches to stop the machine when it makes contact with an object or structure.

  • H340AJ hybrid articulating boom lift

The H340AJ hybrid articulating boom lift offers 12.33 meters of working height and 230 kilograms of platform capacity, along with four-wheel electric drive. The H340AJ provides the power and durability of a diesel-powered machine while saving operational costs. Compared to an all-diesel machine, the H340AJ provides substantial fuel savings, is quieter, and produces fewer carbon emissions. The machine has four independent electric-drive motors that provide unprecedented rough-terrain performance and relies on an environmentally-friendly, Tier 4 diesel-powered generator for recharging. Electric power is stored in eight 12V AGM maintenance-free batteries, and customers benefit from the H340AJ’s durability – standard four-wheel drive allows the hybrid boom to operate in harsh environments, including muddy and rugged terrain. A steel hood increases the boom’s durability, making it ideal for general contractors, facility managers, painters, and electrical contractors. The H340AJ also requires less maintenance, thanks to brushless AC motors.

  • X13J Plus Compact Crawler Boom

The X13J Plus Compact Crawler Boom features 13.30 meters of working height, 6.60 meters of working outreach, and 7.08 meters of up-and-over height (with 230 kilograms of platform capacity). Minimal emissions and noise pollution make the machine more economic. Auto-levelling outriggers reduce setup time and boost productivity, while track drive for easy maneuverability in sensitive environments provides more access. Additionally, the X13J Plus weighs only 2,195 kilograms, allowing for ease of transportation and operation in weight-restricted areas.

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