Kobelco launches the latest earthmoving and construction excavator SK500LC-10

Kobelco launches the latest earthmoving and construction excavator SK500LC-10

Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) is pleased to announce the arrival of its latest version of the 50-tonne conventional earthmoving and construction excavator SK500LC-10. This latest Generation 10 machine incorporates many new detail changes but is particularly marked for being designed to provide exceptional low emissions and increased working performance to maintain unparalleled working efficiency. The SK500LC-10 is also the latest Kobelco excavator to comply with the Stage 4 (Tier IV) exhaust emissions regulations.

Superior strength and power are the key to high performance and the new SK500LC-10 provides this via the driving force of a Hino intercooled turbo-charged, six-cylinder diesel engine. This provides an uprated performance specification of 1.470Nm of torque and, in turn, 271 kW of power. In working terms, the SK500LC-10 provides a digging force of 267kN as standard and 292kN with Power Boost engaged, as well as an increased digging volume of 13% (in H mode).

Fuel efficiency through refinement is an important factor with customers and Kobelco, with more than 80 years of manufacturing and design experience, is a leading force in reduction of customer operating costs. The fuel consumption of the SK500LC-10 has improved by approximately 6% in Eco-mode/S-mode compared to the former (dash-9) model, while maximising fuel efficiency in H-mode.

Kobelco design quality is also highlighted with the SK500LC-10’s latest cooling system. An all new hydraulically-driven twin fan engine cooling system replaces the traditional fan belt design to reduce engine workload – in certain applications a traditional cooling fan can take nearly 5% of available engine performance. The hydraulic version also prevents over-cooling by use of integrated sensors to reduce the speed of the twin-fan unit. As a result, the new system, along with the arm interflow, promotes increase in fuel efficiency and reliability. Enhancing reliability are new filter components regarding fuel (new pre-filter and water trap design) and hydraulics.

The SK500LC-10 is designed to ensure a minimal future carbon-footprint. Technically advanced systems featured in the engine’s dynamics have been designed especially for this reason: DOC (Diesel Oxidisation Catalyst), and the combination of SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) act to reduce the amount of DEF/AdBlue fluid consumption and, of course, meet stringent Stage 4 (Tier IV) emissions regulations.

Different model configurations of the SK500LC-10 are available for different working applications and also to assist in transportation to working sites. The LC (Long Crawler) is the standard SK500LC-10 version.

The VLC (Variable Long Crawler) variant of the SK500LC-10 features a mechanically adjustable undercarriage to change the machine’s gauge. On its wide setting, stability is ensured. Retracted (narrow) is beneficial to transportation logistics in countries with transportation limitations.

The ME (Mass Excavation) version features shorter boom and arm configuration to promote the use of a larger bucket e.g. to use in certain quarry/mine applications. This configuration is only available with the SK500VLC-10. An option to add 600mm double-grouser shoes to the standard triple-grouser items is also available.

Serviceability and operator refinement on the SK500LC-10 is greatly enhanced. The upper deck/cabin layout enables easy access to the engine compartment for daily operator checks and scheduled servicing needs. The spacious cabin has also been updated in-line with the other Generation 10 machines and features the latest media unit and air-con delivery vents for maximum effect. Operator control levers have a lighter-feel, and a new ‘lock’ lever and control lever box are also featured.

High durability working performance of Kobelco construction machinery in all areas of work is amplified by Generation 10 machines; the very latest in hydraulic design and manufacturing features throughout SK500LC-10. One such area is the hydraulic oil return system, which now utilises two oil filters to dramatically reduce the risk of contamination and harmful clogging. The new filters also promote long-term durability of all components in the hydraulic circuitry due to 1.8 times greater filtration capacity compared to Dash 9 models. A new pump drain filter is also in place.

Commenting on the introduction of the new machine, KCME Product Marketing Manager, Peter Stuijt, said: “Kobelco’s SK500LC-10 is a machine that has a deserved reputation for being an absolute workhorse. The recent changes that come with Generation 10 models add up to increased working performance for less running costs – an important consideration for customers and operators. The SK500LC-10 is considered by many to be an iconic machine – the latest technology throughout ensures this title remains steadfastly in place. Its complete configuration, including ROPS and FOPS level II cabin, nibbler and breaker piping, extra piping, object handling kit, quick hitch piping and heated air suspension seat as standard are just some of the many reasons that set this Kobelco machine apart from its competition.”


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