Kobelco launches super-narrow SK210SNLC-10 for the Alpine region

Kobelco launches super-narrow SK210SNLC-10 for the Alpine region

The new 20-tonne SK210SNLC-10 excavator is ideal for working on narrow roads and complies with Italy’s transportation regulations.

Following significant consultation with the Italian market, Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) is pleased to announce the launch of the all-new SK210SNLC-10 excavator. The new machine enjoys the same high performance, lifting capabilities and fuel economy as the conventional SK210LC-10 model but also benefits from a super-narrow undercarriage, which offers a number of additional advantages to our customers in the Alpine region.

Since KCME entered the Italian market with four new dealers in 2016, Kobelco has enjoyed significant growth and now has 12 dealers across the country with more appointments expected later this year. The demand for heavy construction machines in Italy – and across the rest of the Alpine region – has been steadily increasing over the past four years along with an increased demand for super-narrow versions for operating in urban and mountainous areas.

With this in mind, the SK210SNLC-10 has been designed with a transport width of 2,540 mm (reduced from 2,710 mm) and a shoe width of 500 mm in order to meet Italy’s transportation regulations. To accommodate these size reductions, the right side of the machine has been made shorter. The capacities of the tool box and the Adblue tank (34 litres) have also been adjusted accordingly. In addition, the engine and its exhaust gas after treatment equipment has been relocated 30mm to the right hand side resulting in a redesign of the rear right door. The boom foot area has been relocated outside the centre of the machine.

Despite its narrower size, the SK210SNLC-10, which is available with monoboom and two-piece boom configurations, benefits from all the same high performance characteristics as the conventional SK210LC-10 and SK210NLC-10 models. A powerful Hino engine coupled with the machine’s highly efficient hydraulic system helps to minimise fuel consumption while maximising power. Kobelco has a long history of improving efficiency, for example this machine benefits from up to 10% greater fuel efficiency in S-mode (compared with Generation 9 models) and 38% greater fuel efficiency in Eco-mode (compared with the SK210LC-6). The SK210SNLC-10 also conforms to the Stage IV Exhaust Emission Standards.

As the working environment in and around the mountainous Alpine region is particularly challenging, operator comfort and safety also remained high on the agenda in the design of the SK210SNLC-10.

The new structural design has increased strength and durability and the attachment has been reinforced to handle a higher work volume with greater power. In addition, the dimensions of the cabin remain the same as the conventional model and operators can take advantage of all the usual modern conveniences such as Bluetooth radio, heated air suspension seat and air conditioning as standard.

Commenting on the introduction of the SK210SNLC-10, Kobelco Product Marketing Manager, Peter Stuijt, said: “Italy and the surrounding region is a really important and growing market for Kobelco, so it is important for us to listen to our dealers and customers and understand where there are potential challenges with construction machinery.

“The Italian transportation regulations combined with the characteristics of the mountainous Alps region led us to launch the super-narrow SK210SNLC-10. Despite its narrower characteristics, the performance and capabilities of this machine is equal to its respective conventional version, which makes this machine a highly attractive proposition to our customers operating in the Alpine region.”

Following the introduction of the SK210SNLC-10, a heavier SK240SN-10 is also expected to arrive later this year.

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