Versatile and powerful: Liebherr presents the new L 514 and L 518 Stereoloaders

Versatile and powerful: Liebherr presents the new L 514 and L 518 Stereoloaders

For over 20 years, Liebherr Stereoloaders have had a reputation for being reliable and versatile all-rounders. This is also true of the new L 514 and L 518 Stereoloaders. Both models offer operators real added value with numerous innovations, such as the new Z-unit bar linkage and the spacious driver’s cab. Powerful components and innovative diagonal cooling provide a high level of reliability. The proven stereo steering system enables high productivity, particularly in confined spaces. Both wheel loaders are available for order and delivery in the second half of 2017. Liebherr will present them over the course of the year at various trade fairs and in-house exhibitions.

Liebherr’s powerful and proven hydrostatic driveline delivers continuous acceleration. For operations requiring longer driving distances, Liebherr offers the option of L 514 and L 518 ‘Speeder’ models. This allows the two Stereoloaders to reach a maximum speed of 40 km/h, enabling operators to save time by moving their Stereoloaders from one site to the next efficiently.

The L 514 Stereoloader is particularly suited to municipal services, road building and to being a reliable assistant in a wide variety of applications. The larger L 518 is a completely new model in the Liebherr wheel loader range and is designed for industrial use. For example, it can work with solid rubber tyres for use in the recycling industry. The exhaust gas after-treatment system in these Stereoloaders conforms to Stage IV / Tier 4f emission standards and represents state-of-the-art innovation in this market sector. The combination of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) reduces pollutant emissions effectively.

Stereo steering: greater manoeuvrability and higher tipping loads

At the core of the two new Stereoloaders is the stereo steering system, a combination of articulated steering and a steerable rear axle typical of Liebherr models in this machine class. It provides a high degree of manoeuvrability and agility: compared to wheel loaders with conventional steering, the L 514 and L 518 Stereoloaders have a significantly smaller turning circle when this is measured from the outside edge of the equipment. These Stereoloaders are designed for use in even the tightest of spaces, which is why Liebherr Stereoloaders are often used in inner-city locations where a project’s success can depend on the manoeuvrability of a machine. Stereoloaders can master even challenging steering manoeuvres with ease.

The self-steering rear axle allows the Liebherr engineers to reduce the articulating angle of the Stereoloaders from the typical industry standard of 40° to 30°. This results in improved stability and resistance to tipping over, as well as in higher tipping loads. That is why the L 514 and L 518 Stereoloaders are able to move heavier loads than comparable wheel loaders in the same size class. This in turn means that day-to-day productivity increases. The shock-absorbing, oscillating centre pivot contributes to the high standard of comfort and safety of both models.

New Z-unit bar linkage: full output with greater versatility

The new Z-unit bar linkage on the L 514 and L 518 models provides maximum force in all operations. It delivers high breakout forces in the lower lift arm range, which is an advantage in earthmoving, and also excels with enormous holding forces in the upper range. The latter is important when working with heavy equipment, such as a high-tipping bucket or a bucket with a hydraulic clamp. The new Z-unit bar linkage enables the machine operator to work precisely and safely with a loading fork over the entire lifting range. This characteristic is of key, particularly in municipal services or ancillary activities in construction and civil engineering.

With the Z-unit bar linkage, operating companies can use all machine attachments productively. The L 514 and L 518 Stereoloaders can work at full output with a road sweeper, for example, or with a snow plough for winter operations. To accompany the new linkage, Liebherr is offering a new hydraulic quick hitch for both Stereoloader models. This improves versatility because it enables operators to switch tool attachments more efficiently. The sophisticated design provides a clear view of the working area and equipment including the fork tines, for example. Safety is increased for both the operator and the load.

Powerful components, well-engineered cooling system: focus on reliability

Liebherr Stereoloaders can undertake a wide range of tasks reliably. To make this possible, Liebherr has invested in the robustness of various aspects of the new L 514 and L 518 models. Take the axles for example: their automatic self-locking differentials provide outstanding traction even on difficult terrain. The robust basic design, high quality steel components and tried and tested hydraulics guarantee reliability regardless of what operation the Stereoloader is performing.

The newly-developed cooling system in the L 514 and L 518 Stereoloaders guarantees high levels of productivity. It directs the cooling air diagonally through the entire engine compartment, ensuring optimal heat dissipation from the engine. The system delivers just the right amount of cooling capacity on demand, thereby reducing fuel consumption and noise emissions. The location of the cooling system, directly behind the operator’s cab in the cleanest position on the wheel loader, has several advantages. In that position the system can suck in clean air, which improves the system’s durability and reduces maintenance costs. And personnel can easily and safely reach the cooling system from the ground for cleaning and maintenance.

Innovative design: a focus on comfort and safety

With wheel loaders of this size, there are typically different machine operators working on the construction site. Therefore, Liebherr has developed the L 514 and L 518 Stereoloaders to be operated intuitively. Clearly organised ergonomic controls offer movement tracking and Liebherr operating levers are integrated into the driver’s seat to ensure easy handling, which saves time and increases flexibility on site.

A wide access ladder with non-slip treads and large handrails leads to a spacious and comfortable cab. Comfort is enhanced by a cab door that opens through 180° and a steering wheel, display and driving seat that can be individually adjusted. Thanks to its large windows, the redesigned cab offers outstanding visibility on all sides. The machine operator has a complete view of everything in the immediate vicinity. Powerful headlights provide vision in the dark and can be individually customised by the customer on request.

At Liebherr, safety is a top priority. This is reflected in the design of the L 514 and L 518 Stereoloaders. The compact engine hood has clear lines that make it easier for the operator to oversee the machine. In addition, the engine compartment is protected from dirt thanks to a completely closed top. Once the engine hood has been opened, the engine compartment can be safely accessed from the ground for maintenance and servicing. The engine is transversely installed at the rear of the wheel loader and therefore serves as a natural ballast weight, as do the hydraulic pumps. This design produces optimal weight distribution, which results in higher tipping loads and more agile handling.

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