Magni introduces the TH Line extension: 4,5.15 / 4,5.15 P – 4,5.19 / 4,5.19 P

Magni introduces the TH Line extension: 4,5.15 / 4,5.15 P - 4,5.19 / 4,5.19 P

The Magni TH range of telescopic handlers for construction and light industry is designed to ensure maximum performance in every situation.

Standard 4-wheel drive guarantees maximum grip on any kind of ground. The hydrostatic transmission ensures optimal off-road performance. The new models combine a new chassis, to ensure maximum visibility and easier access to the cab.

Both models will be available in 2 different engine configurations:

  • Deutz TCD 3.6 Stage V (with DPF) – 55 kW → TH 4,5.15 & TH 4,5.19
  • Deutz TCD 3.6 Stage V (with DPF + AdBlue) – 74,4 kW → TH 4,5.15 P & TH 4,5.19 P

The new models have a compact size, that makes them ideal for working in tight spaces, guaranteeing maximum maneuverability in any location. The pivoting stabilizers stay perfectly in shape when closed and do not affect its ground clearance, but when deployed they form a very compact stabilization area providing impressive lifting capacity and stability.

Both models are equipped with levelling system on tyres of +/- 8°: lets the driver adjust the machine levelling and have the full load chart for all operations, even with ground inclinations which would normally affect the lifting performance.

Magni has also introduced, for TH 4,5.15 P and TH 4,5.19 P, an additional levelling safety device: if the operator tries to manually correct the inclination of the machine on uneven terrain, the system detects the machine inclination and only allows compensation to be performed in the correct direction, preventing any movement which could worsen the situation.

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