Magni Telescopic Handlers will be present at Samoter 2017

Magni Telescopic Handlers will be present at Samoter 2017

Magni Telescopic Handlers will be present at the 30th edition of Samoter, the reference Italian Fair for the construction equipment market. The decision to participate in this event was mainly taken owing to the strong international nature of the Fair in the past years and that certainly makes the idea of being a part of it appealing: it is, however, a meeting point also for hirers and construction companies and not present on Italian territory.

Magni Telescopic Handlers goal will be to show visitors the potential and versatility of their machines; to let them have first-hand experience of the quality of the components and the technological innovations that we offer, such as the entirely pressurized cab with touch screen for easy and instinctive use.

In the same way, Magni have 4 models of their telescopic handlers on display: 3 will be part of our RTH range, which is characterised by the 360° rotation of the turret, which include working heights from 18 to 39 metres; and 1 will represent our TH range, characterized by vehicles with fixed boom and front stabilizers, which improve the performance; this range is the latest on the market and will initially include 3 models with 10 to 20 meters lift height.

Two electric scissor platforms will also be on display, a product forming part of the recent Magni offer, but definitely complementary to the current solutions for working in the field of building construction or renovations.

On the other hand, in March 2017, Magni Telescopic Handlers will participate in the Conexpo trade fair to be held in Las Vegas.

They will present to visitors at the Fair their RTH models with increased lift height: RTH 5.30S, RTH 5.35S and RTH 5.39S, the highest rotating telescopic handlers in the world, with maximum working height 30, 35 and 39m, respectively. These are, in fact, the most suitable models for use at urban construction sites in cities with high population density, where work spaces are often limited and working at considerable heights is inevitable.

There is also a range of special attachments which make Magni rotary machinery even more versatile: a clear example in this case is the Romastor fork; a fork with 2.5 ton capacity which allows rotation of the load through +/- 90° and which, if combined with turret rotation, makes it possible to work in really limited spaces because it allows different types of manoeuvres without the need for shifting with the vehicle.

A HTH 16.10 will also be on display, representing their HTH heavy duty range, consisting of models with capacity ranging from 10 to 45 tons and highly suitable for working in quarries, mines, oil and gas and heavy industry. Thanks to the compact dimensions, this model fits easily into narrow spaces and areas with limited room for manoeuvring, but still maintains optimum performance to carry out the “heavier” duties required by the construction site.

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