Metso Outotec launches an innovative tool for inspecting mill linings in virtual reality

Metso Outotec launches a tool for inspecting mill linings in virtual reality

Metso Outotec is launching a Virtual Inspection tool for horizontal grinding mill linings. The new, patented Virtual Inspection platform takes the benefits of 3D scanning to a new level. It enables the scanned mill linings to be viewed in virtual reality and offers an efficient and safe environment for technical discussions. This innovation is a continuation of Metso Outotec’s pioneering role and its more than six decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing mill liners and grinding mills.

‘On-site’ mill lining inspections can be safely hosted while being off-site, thanks to the fully immersive virtual walkthroughs and the ability to comprehensively review any particular point of the mill lining. The Virtual Inspection tool aligns perfectly with Metso Outotec’s aftermarket digital strategy by improving the efficiency and safety of our services through advanced wear-part analyses.

“Our patented MillMapper™ 3D-scanning of mill linings has been the industry benchmark for years. The scans are used to understand the way the mill liners wear, to optimize the liner design, and to accurately predict the reline schedules. There is a growing need to find new ways to reach out to our customers and to discuss mill lining performance with them remotely. Our customers will benefit from our strong experience with over 8,000 mills worldwide combined with the market’s most comprehensive offering and the new software platform,” says Lars Furtenbach, Research and Technology Development Manager, Mill Lining Solutions.

Liner assessments in virtual reality – Benefits of the new solution

  • The users enter a 360° environment where they can move about freely in a 3D virtual setting and interact with the mill lining scan to analyze it.
  • Our customers get to see their own individual lining scans.
  • Up to eight people can meet in virtual rooms to discuss a mill lining scan.
  • Features like remaining liner thickness measurements and profile review enable the users to make real-time assessments of the liners. The color-coded heatmap mode helps in analyzing the wear patterns and in detecting problem areas, so that the mill lining design and performance can be improved.
  • Viewing the scans in virtual reality is the next best thing to an actual site visit. This reduces the need to travel to the site and to make inspections in a risky environment, thereby improving safety and reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, the tool promotes the creation of optimized and long-lasting liners that significantly reduce CO2 emissions because less product needs to be manufactured and transported.

Find out more about the Virtual Inspection tool on this website.

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