Potain MR 160 C tower crane makes its North American debut at Manitowoc’s Crane Days

Potain MR 160 C tower crane makes its North American debut at Manitowoc’s Crane Days

Potain MR 160 C tower crane is ideally suited for congested job sites because of its ability to attain excellent underhook heights while avoiding obstacles.

Manitowoc is showing the Potain MR 160 C luffing jib tower crane for the first time in North America at Crane Days 2018. Visitors to the event in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania, will be the first in the region to see this tower crane in action.

The MR 160 C offers a 10 t (11 USt) capacity, a tip load of 2.4 t (2.6 USt) and a maximum jib length of 50 m (164 ft). Like other cranes in the MR series, it’s well-suited for congested construction sites. The jib can be luffed to a nearly vertical position of 86° while attaining excellent underhook heights and avoiding obstacles. High-performance slewing and hoisting equipment provides precise control of loads throughout the entire working radius, all in a package that’s easily transportable.

“Like all our Potain cranes, the MR 160 C is manufactured with lightweight components to enable simple and efficient erection,” said Thibaut Le Besnerais, global product director of tower cranes at Manitowoc. “In addition, the crane’s minimal footprint makes it ideal for tight working quarters. There’s an entire customer base in North America that may not be familiar with what this crane can do, so Crane Days gives us the ideal platform to make it known.”

Erection of the MR 160 C is simplified thanks to the rapid-pin connection of the equipped counter jib, which is secured by anti-chute devices. The jib foot can be fit by simply inserting into the notches of the slewing tower head, and both the hoisting and luffing winches operate by way of a clever rope reeving system for pinning the jib tie-bar line.

The MR 160 C on display at Crane Days is configured with the new 75 HPL 25 high-performance winch to provide high speed and make high-rise construction easier. The updated winch offers a winding capacity of 956 m (3,136 ft) and a maximum lifting speed of 215 m/min (705 ft/min).

The 75 HPL 25 winch also enables greater control over the crane’s lifting speed. The winch can lift two-times faster than the 75 LVF to shorten lifting cycles, while also offering the ability to significantly decrease line speed for greater accuracy while placing loads.

“The MR 160 C, along with the rest of the Potain range, features all of the latest breakthroughs for the tower crane industry,” Le Besnerais concluded. “These include quick set-up and configuration, improved performance, a compact footprint and several other features that are sure to improve efficiency and return on investment for our customers.”

The MR 160 C isn’t the only Potain crane to be seen at Crane Days. Visitors to the show can also view the MDT 219, the IGO T 130, the IGO MA 21 and the award-winning Hup 40-30.

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