Now Water, an app to get to know the real worth of water

Now Water, an app to get to know the real worth of water

ACCIONA launches the ‘Now Water’ app, an interactive tool that sets out to create awareness around the value of water and the importance of taking care of this vital resource for the planet’s health.

The Now Water app is free of charge, intuitive, very easy to use and aimed at all ages.

Through simple questions users can learn useful information about water management and the infrastructures that make potabilization, desalination, purification and re-use possible to use the resource in a more efficient way.

Now Water can be downloaded from a PC, mobile phone or Tablet at 

World Water Day

Around 70% of the Earth is covered by water but only 3.5% is fresh. That is why it is essential to manage it well to ensure its availability for our present and future wellbeing.

With the aim of highlighting its importance, World Water Day is held all over the world on 22 March.

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