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Plastic Pipes in Infrastructure 2019: Moving the plastic pipe industry forward

Plastic Pipes in Infrastructure 2019: Moving the plastic pipe industry forward

January 10, 2019

Plastic pipes in infrastructure 2019, in Dusseldorf on 9-10 April 2019, is organised by the leading plastics consultancy organisation AMI.

Plastic pipes in infrastructure once again provides a unique networking opportunity and high-level forum for the latest developments and issues in the ever-evolving plastic pipes industry.

Featuring a diverse programme of presentations by industry leaders, the focus for Plastic Pipes in Infrastructure 2019 is on new plastic pipe applications, material advances, and developments in production technology, and updates to certification and standards. This event is relevant to those operating in the global pipes industry: from material suppliers to pipe lay construction engineers.

Addressing pipeline ageing and integrity challenges to increase performance

Suez Groupe opens the conference with a crucial subject covering the effects of ageing on the integrity of plastic pipes. Polymer Competence Center Leoben follow up with a presentation on lifetime prediction of polyethylene electrofusion couplings. Amiblu Technology AS then conclude the first session by presenting the case for 150 years lifetime of GRP pipes.

Innovation in material, process and applications

KIWA Technology state the requirements for PE100 with raised crack resistance (PE100RC). This is followed by WAVIN GmbH who share information about the advancements in relining technologies. Crosslink Finland OY then talk about the novel developments in Pex-A and Pex-B pipe manufacturing processes. SABIC then share a very interesting and practical presentation on how to respond to environmental changes through water management. McElroy follow up next with some case studies on latest technologies for fusion welding. Conextru GmBH talk about new applications and performances of pipes with die set rotation leads. Polymer Competence Center Leoben then deliver a presentation on models to assess the effect of chlorine dioxide on the lifetime of polyethylene pipe grades. Hennecke GmbH follow up next with benefits of pipeline insulation by spraying PU. The session is wrapped up by Miki Burmil Consulting talking about plastic manholes to improve infrastructure systems.

Testing, certification and standardisation

Delegates gain comprehensive insights into testing, certification and standardisation. SKZ-TESTING GmbH talk about energy and time saving method for qualifying PE Pipe grades for long-term applications at 40°C. The session is continued on the second day of the Conference with an opening presentation on the influence of ‘onset’ temperature by DSC on U-PVC pipes pressure tests result by CEIS. NSF International then share their expertise on how standardisation for plastic products protects public health and safety. Trelleborg Pipe Seals follow up next with a presentation on the evolution of elastomeric joints in plastic pipeline systems and the use of long term stress relaxation testing to predict service life.

Developments in pipe systems for enhancing durability

Lyondellbasell open the session by discussing ways to advance the PP-RCT performance in water pressure pipes. DOW Europe Gmbh follow up next with a presentation on how raised temperature resistance polyethylene (PE-RT) demonstrates reliable performance in hot & cold applications. Conference Sponsor BAUSANO S.p.A then share their views on C-PVC processing. The session is completed by Althesys talking about PVC pipes competitiveness: a total cost of ownership approach.

Improving quality control and assurance

Conference Sponsor Sikora share their expertise on keeping an eye on diameter, ovality, wall thickness and eccentricity for quality control during the extrusion of pipes. And finally, Impact Solutions deliver some very useful information on quality control and assurance measures in water and gas plastic pipelines to reduce drastic failures upon commissioning.

In addition to the packed two-day programme of expert presentations this event provides a highly effective platform to meet with likeminded professionals from leading companies and organisations at all levels of the supply chain.

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