Potain MCT 88 and MDT 189 cranes construct Maximall Pompeii tourist hub in Italy

Potain MCT 88 and MDT 189 cranes construct Maximall Pompeii tourist hub in Italy

Italian real estate developer Gruppo Irgenre has deployed five Potain MCT 88 topless city cranes and two Potain MDT 189 top-slewing tower cranes to construct the new 200,000 m2 Maximall retail and leisure complex close to the archaeological site of Pompeii in Italy.

Italian real estate developer Gruppo Irgenre has selected an assortment of Potain tower cranes from dealer Edilcom Gru to help construct its latest “Maximall” project in Pompeii.

The fleet includes five Potain MCT 88 topless city cranes, assembled at heights between 21 and 31.5 m, with a 52 m boom and a variable capacity of 5 t near the mast and 1.1 t at the tip, as well as two Potain MDT 189 topless cranes. Both MDT 189 cranes are 40 m high with a 60 m boom and maximum capacity of 8 t near the mast and 1.8 t at the tip.

All seven Potain cranes are equipped with Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS) for easy set up and operation, plus Top-Tracing III technologies to avoid potential collisions on site.

Initially, the cranes will be used to transport construction materials around the site, before beginning work on the buildings, which means their exact positioning is crucial. Edilcom Gru produced an accurate plan of the site to determine the optimal location for each crane and Gruppo Irgrenre was impressed by the engineers’ thorough approach.

Quality and reliability developers can trust

Gruppo Irgenre’s CEO Corrado Negri placed his trust in Potain and Edilcom Gru for this project based on their combined reputation for quality and reliability.

“Potain is one of the leading experts in the worldwide lifting market. Potain tower cranes are famous for their reliability, load capacity and low maintenance, which are the reasons why, together with the reliability of our supplier Edilcom Gru, we chose this brand,” he said.

Edilcom Gru, headquartered in nearby Naples, has been a Manitowoc dealer since the late 1990s and offers crane sales and service, as well as a rental fleet of more than 60 units. Its highly skilled technicians and engineers are trained to the highest levels at Manitowoc training centers, which was another motivating factor for Gruppo Irgenre.

“For the importance of the work and the necessary compliance with our timeframes, the partnership with Potain and Edilcom Gru guarantees us that scheduled and unplanned maintenance activities are carried out quickly, even in an emergency. Edilcom Gru has supported us through its specialized technicians at every stage,” Negri said.

A new tourist hub for the region

Gruppo Irgenre, with headquarters in Milan and offices in Caserta, specializes in the development and construction of properties for large retailers, such as IKEA or Leroy Merlin, as well as the hotel industry. Under the “Maximall” brand, it aims to transform shopping centers and business parks into attractive urban centers and tourist hubs.

The 200,000 m2 Maximall Pompeii complex, situated close to the Pompeii archeological site, will include 200 shops, 25 restaurants, a four-star hotel, cinema, theater, conference facilities, 6,000 m2 outdoor amphitheater with dancing fountains and 15,000 m2 of public gardens.

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