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Putzmeister presents its flexible Autocor modular solution

Putzmeister presents its flexible Autocor modular solution

March 22, 2019

At Bauma 2019, from 8 – 14 April, the expert for concrete conveying processes will be presenting its flexible Autocor modular solution. It offers devised concepts and suitable components precisely matched to the requirements of the finished part industry. The aim being to produce in a flexibly and efficient manner while optimising resources.

No matter whether for tunnel or industrial construction, for wind farms or road, building or bridge construction – anyone who processes the most diverse, pumpable concretes will appreciate the challenge of supplying a constantly high concrete quality. The problem is compounded by the fact that this segment too is suffering under an increasing lack of skilled workers and an intense price war. The Autocor modular system promises a remedy to all this. The secret lies, as it often does, in automation. Putzmeister develops concepts for state-of-the-art systems that have a very low personnel cost requirement. These concepts are also designed for minimalistic resource expenditure and also, thanks to their flexibility, for maximum capacity utilisation.

The company can rely on its tried and proven components and on decades of experience in all concrete conveying processes. “We offer precast solutions tailored exactly to requirements. And we can go all the way. Our comprehensive range of pumps, delivery lines, placing booms and buffer storage systems can be combined in such a manner that an existing factor or a factory requiring modernisation can work flexibly and extremely productively,” explains Michael Hoess, Special Application Business Manager.

Autocor offers a economically viable solution for every task

Those who want to be and stay flexible will be well served by the modular solution from Putzmeister: If the shuttering is stationary, the Autocor system offers a mobile solution and for moving shuttering a stationary one, i.e. permanently mounted in the hall. Concepts with scissor pipes and integration with existing bucket conveyors are possible.

Likewise for filling shuttering from above and below. The benefit: The continuous concrete flow improves the quality of the precast element, ultimately saving time and operator input because less rework is required. The low cleaning effort due to the enclosed system also saves time.

Ergonic® 2.0 – Automation intelligently controlled

Automation must be intelligently controlled. This is the job of Ergonic 2.0, the optimised control and regulation of concrete pumps, placing booms and buffer storage.

The result: The system is quickly ready for use, production runs extremely productively and with low wear. In addition, it can be conveniently controlled by the operator from one (work) station via ergonomic radio remote control. On the EGD (Ergonic Graphic Display) and also, if required, on terminals installed in the hall, all machine data of the pump are easy to check.

The modular solution – Putzmeister components make the difference

With its individual solutions, Putzmeister can build on the proven maintenance-friendly and low-wear components produced in-house. Buffer storage and hoppers ensure constant provisioning of concrete without waiting times and a homogenous concrete quality in single batches. For fast transport, the powerful pumps – either stationary piston-driven concrete pumps for long distances and high hourly outputs, or the quiet rotor concrete pump – are success factors for guaranteeing a reliable concrete flow.

The concrete arrives at the placement location through delivery lines and transfer tubes. Various delivery lines are available for meeting a diverse range of requirements, depending on medium, concrete pump and concrete pressures. SK delivery lines are set apart by flexibility, rotatability of the delivery lines at the coupling stops and a possible displacement in the longitudinal direction. Extension lines, especially with hoses, are best combined with the special Ultraflex® system PX.

Manual and hydraulic transfer tubes allow one concrete pump to deliver to several concreting locations and cleaning of the pipeline after concreting.

Ultimately, various placing booms (reaches from 24 m to 35 m) or rotary distributors up to a reach of 22 m facilitate continuous filling and hence guarantee a high concrete quality. The proven EBC system ensures that the concrete placing boom remains quiet during all manoeuvres, e.g. when extending and rotating – even when high outputs are required. No drips thanks to pinch valves, the hall stays clean.

When equal height shuttering has to be filled, rotary distributors are the ideal solution.

The height of the rotary distributor can be individually specified. Complicated shuttering geometries can easily be filled from below using shuttering filler pipes.

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