Ragno Palazzani: a must for the maintenance of the New Court of Justice, an emblem of the Grand Paris

Ragno Palazzani: a must for the maintenance of the New Court of Justice, an emblem of the Grand Paris

A new contemporary architectural monument has appeared in the Parisian skyline. Located in Clichy Batignolles, the 38 floor skyscraper, designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop 160 meters tall is the new Court of Justice of Paris. It is a real symbol of contemporary architecture for Justice.

The structural work of the new Court of Justice of Paris, started in 2014 by Bouygues Construction, is complete. The projects include 50,000 m2 of glass façades which promote transparency and light according to the wishes of the architect, and the development of 3 large terraces with trees that occupy 10 000 m2 in total and will welcome more than 300 trees on the 8th ,19th and 29th floors.

On each floor hallways and offices are flooded with light and offer an extraordinary view of the city of Paris. The terraces don’t only meet the biodiversity plan of the municipality of Paris, but also include places for the staff of the courthouse.

The new Palais de Justice de Paris, which meets the requirements of the Climate Plan of the City of Paris, will consume two times less energy than the recent towers of La Defense, thus taking its place in the exemplary achievements against global warming.

Chosen in Bi-energy (Diesel+AC) power option and equipped with non-marking tracks, Palazzani Spider XTJ 32 is taking care of all building maintenance and cleaning.

A team composed of Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Bouygues and Palazzani Industrie has carried out a careful analysis starting from the design phase and the work from its early beginning to identify the model which more suits the specific needs of the building.

The area which presents the most complex access for aerial working is the entrance hall, where stairs and special pending chandeliers create obstacles.

Widows and ceiling cleaning indoor of the new Court of Justice are possible with RAGNO XTJ 32, which moves towards the corridors and enters into the doors thanks to its stowed dimensions and reaches all areas to the very top at 32 meters high and 14,5 meters reach.

Particularly, the small galleries on the ceiling are done to get natural light entering the hall and a constant cleaning is consequently required. Their position is often difficult to reach, due to various obstacles present in the hall, and being narrow and deep inside the ceiling. A special basket has been specifically designed, of smaller size (80x80cm), to allows the operator to reach them without problems.

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