Sierra Max: the novelty of BKT for the range of ATV vehicles

Sierra Max: the novelty of BKT for the range of ATV vehicles

New Sierra Max is suitable for the most extreme off-road terrains such as arid and rocky surfaces. Being mainly designed for racing, this tire ensures a long tire life-cycle at the same time. This way, Sierra Max joins BKT´s ATV – All Terrain Vehicle range, an extensive line up of both resistant and safe products that are highly adaptable to any kind of path and able to best equip these vehicles.

Product novelty for the quad range: Sierra Max

In the spotlight, there is the special new-entry by BKT, Sierra Max, which opens the gallery of quad tires. Specifically designed for racing vehicles whizzing through muddy areas, deserts, and over rocky surfaces, this tire features a radial structure enabling a very agile drive along with a comfortable ride even under the toughest conditions.

The special tread pattern provides for a large footprint on the ground ensuring exceptional front and lateral traction. In addition, the reinforced shoulder provides excellent sidewall protection. Moreover, this tire is made of a particular cut-and-chip-resistant compound, and it distinguishes for outstanding self-cleaning properties – an essential feature for usage on dirt terrains.

Sierra Max is presently available in four sizes: AT 26 X 9 R 14, AT 26 X 11 R 14, AT 27 X 9 R 14 and AT 27 X 11 R 14.

For the ATV range for quads, BKT offers the following products:

  • W 207: an all-terrain-tire designed for providing maximum traction even in the most challenging conditions.
  • AT 108 and AT 119 models: their specialty is their ability of rapidly moving on loose surfaces thanks to the extraordinary traction provided by the specific tread design. AT 108 is available on the market in twenty-two sizes, whereas AT 119 is available in size AT 22 X 11 – 8.
  • AT 109 and AT 110: similar features, being additionally suitable for lawns and gardens. The first is available in not less than seven versions, whilst the second is available on the market in five different sizes.
  • AT 111 provides optimum traction at any condition, perfect for All Terrain Sport applications.
  • AT 112: particularly suitable for loose surfaces. It is presently available in three versions: AT 20 X 10 – 8, AT 20 X 10 – 10 and AT 23 X 10 – 12.
  • BOGMAX: it has been specifically designed for mud bog racing.Likewise, the sidewall protectors reduce impacts and possible damages. Bogmax is a 6-ply-rated tire with a long tire life-cycle that distinguishes also for its special cut-and-chip-resistant compound as well as outstanding self-cleaning features.

For sporting applications, BKT has also created a specific go-kart range. For this special context, BKT has engineered a series of specific products that are able to provide best adherence on the track, like SM 48 (GK), the ideal tire for this type of vehicles thanks to a smooth tread design providing excellent performance in sport activities. The special compound provides SM 48 (GK) with a Shore A hardness 48. The same features apply to SM 54 (GK) with Shore A hardness 54, and SM 68 (GK), which reaches an A 68 level. All of this tires are available in two sizes 10 X 4.5 – 5 and 11 X 7.10 – 5, in addition to size 11 X 6.00 – 5 for SM 68 (GK).

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