Sireg Geotech will take part in the next edition of GEOFLUID

Sireg Geotech will take part in the next edition of GEOFLUID

Sireg Geotech s.r.l. – since 1936 a leading Italian company in the global market of infrastructure and civil construction, specialized in the fields of Geotechnics and Civil Engineering – joins the 23rd edition of GEOFLUID postponed to September 2021. The most important international trade fair in the drilling and foundations sector represents the ideal setting to present the most innovative products of the company from Arcore (MB) – Italy, the result of a constant research on plastics and composite materials.

Sireg Geotech manufactures directly highly specialized products in thermoplastic and composite materials (glass fiber, carbon and aramid fiber) to reinforce and consolidate weak or soft soils before underground excavations or to reinforce and restore damaged infrastructure, historical buildings or civil constructions.

Its catalogue includes: bars for glass fiber cages, glass fiber rebar cages for tunnel lining products, sleeved grouting pipes, Waterstop joints, inclinometer and sonic log casings, drainage slotted pipes, corrugated ducts, carbon bars and laminates.

Sireg collaborates with major industrial groups, international research Institutions and Universities to identify challenging and increasingly sustainable solutions.

The BioSystem® pipe made from biodegradable plastic that turns into sugars in the subsoil is an example: it has been patented to inject into the subsoil components useful to consolidate the ground without leaving chloride or other harmful residues.

The bars for glass fiber cages, thanks to their very high corrosion resistance, are a valid alternative to steel in the infrastructure construction (bridges, viaducts, seawalls) as they guarantee high durability and therefore considerable savings in maintenance costs.

Sireg has received numerous awards for its Research & Development activities: in March 2019 Sireg was the winner at the JEC Innovation Awards in Paris in the Constructions & Infrastructure category for the project “Bendable TP composite reinforcements for concrete”, in partnership with Arkema, the University of Miami and the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP). Also in 2019, the company won the Best To Brianza award, the GammaDonna award and entered the shortlist of 30 companies selected by Assolombarda for having believed and constantly invested in innovation and showcased in the multimedia exhibition “Genio e Impresa. Da Leonardo e Ludovico alle grandi storie di innovazione dei nostri giorni” (July-September 2019) at Palazzo Lombardia in Milan.

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