Tech Talk: The Great Debate – Plans vs. Models

Tech Talk: The Great Debate - Plans vs. Models

Bentley‘s Tech Talk: The Great Debate – Plans vs. Models, on Tuesday 23 January 2018. Join us as we look at the direction of the civil design industry and how new technology is impacting expectations and processes in project delivery.

Join our Tech Talk: The Great Debate – Plans vs. Models as we discuss the ongoing debate over project deliverables in the civil design industry. New technology and techniques offer opportunities in design and delivery that raise the question – should we replace our tradition of paper plans and drawing creation with digital data and 3D models?

We will look in at how new technology, such as OpenRoads Designer, offers the opportunity to enhance our traditional workflows with efficient and effective design tools that produce 3D design data.

Session highlights at The Great Debate – Plans vs. Models:

  • Industry trends in project delivery
  • Pros and cons of plan delivery and 3D models
  • Advancing project delivery to meet industry expectations

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