The ITA Tunnelling Awards 2019: The list of pre-selected entries disclosed

The ITA Tunnelling Awards 2019:The list of pre-selected entries disclosed

After careful considerations, the 17 members of the panel of judges of the ITA Tunnelling Awards 2019 have picked up the most remarkable projects among the entries. Here is the list of pre-selected entries:

For the category « Major Project of the Year – over 500€ million »:

  • The Follo Line Project – Norway
  • Tuen-Mun – Chek Lap Kok Link – Northern Connection Subsea Tunnel Section – Hong Kong/China
  • Wuhan Sanyang Road Yangtze River Tunnel Project – China
  • The Seoul Metropolitan High-Speed Railway (Suseo~Pyeongtaek) Construction Project (Yulhyeon Tunnel) – Korea

For the category « Project of the Year – between €50 million and €500 million »:

  • Construction of two parallel tunnels for the Mexico City – Toluca suburban railway – Mexico
  • The New Ulriken Tunnel – Norway
  • Regional Connector Transit Project – Los Angeles – USA
  • Shatin Central Link Immersed tube tunnels – Hong Kong / China
  • Victory Boogie Woogietunnel – Netherlands
  • New Badaling Tunnel and Great Wall Station of Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway – China

For the category « Project of the Year including renovation – (up to €50 million) »:

  •  Modernization of the Vladivostok tunnel of the Far Eastern Railway – Russia
  • Finsbury Park Station Step Free Access – UK
  • Outram Park Linkway Tunnel (Thomson Line) – Singapore

For the category « Technical Project Innovation of the Year »:

  • Rapid Construction Technology for Large Cross-section Extremely Gassy Tunnel – China
  • Innovation and Application of New Single-hole Double-line Quasi-rectangular Shield Tunnel Technology System – China
  • Toulouse Line A underground stations extension – France
  • Intersecting and Overlapping (Twisted) Tunnel Group Construction Technology for Tianjin Metro Lines 5 and 6 – China

For the category « Technical Product or Equipment innovation of the Year »:

  • ARCHITA, an innovative multi-dimensional mobile mapping system – Italy
  • AXON – platform for wireless connectivity for tunnels – Australia
  • Autonomous TBM – Malaysia
  • Tunnel Inspection 4.0 – Smart Tunnel Maintenance using Artificial Intelligence – Switzerland

For the category « Innovative Underground Space Concept of the Year »:

  • Building Large Prefabricated Urban Underground Space with Small TBMs for Subsection Undercutting – China
  • SNWA Low Lake Level Pumping Station – Underground – USA
  • Underground Green Farming – Switzerland

For the category « Safety Initiative of the Year »:

  • Air Quality Working Group: An industry-first collaboration on silica dust control – Australia
  • Robotization of the Automatic Tubular steel arch instrallation: a key factor for safety – Italy
  • An Automatic Geological Forward-prospecting Technique Safeguarding TBM Tunneling – China

For the category « Young Tunneller of the Year »:  

  • Sun Feng – China
  • Elliot James Fern – Switzerland
  • Yutaka Okuda – Japan
  • Amanda Kerr – USA
  • Diwakar – Singapore

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