Two Potain MC 125 cranes are building a complex Metro project in Pune, India

Two Potain MC 125 cranes are building a complex Metro project in Pune, India

The perfect combination of reliability, high performance, long reach, and compact dimensions meant a pair of Potain MC 125 tower cranes were the ideal choice for one of the most challenging sections of the Pune Metro Line 03 development in India. Manufactured at the local Manitowoc facility, just a short drive from the jobsite, the cranes are ensuring the INR 2,283 crore (US$3 billion) project remains on track.

Benny Joseph, general manager at TATA Projects, one of the companies leading construction work onsite, said:

“Despite the limited workspace available for underground station construction, the Potain cranes have been of great value in guaranteeing smooth progress. They were easy to assemble inside the restricted space and their attributes are just what we need for this technical project. Right from the outset, they have delivered the reliability, capacity, radius, and height under hook that we needed.”

Two Potain MC 125 cranes are building a complex Metro project in Pune, India - 2

Offering a maximum capacity of 6 t, the Potain MC 125 can handle loads of up to 1.15 t at the tip end when working with its maximum 60 m jib. On this job, both cranes have been rigged with the full 60 m jib. The short counter-jib of the cranes – just 14.3 m – makes them perfect for the limited space available. Both were initially erected at a height under hook of 43.5 m, although one will eventually be increased to 60 m. With the ability to raise 3 t loads at speeds of up to 40 m/min via the 24 kW 33PC15(GH) hoist, the cranes enable fast delivery of building materials on the busy site.

“We have been very pleased with the performance of our MC 125 cranes, which have provided just the sort of strong, reliable service that we needed for such a complex, challenging build,” added Joseph. “And when we have needed assistance, Manitowoc has been on hand to provide prompt, excellent support, which has been of immense benefit to the project.”

The Potain cranes are working on the construction of a 5 km stretch of twin-tube tunnel on Pune’s 16 km north-south metro corridor. Work is being led by GLM-TPL JV, a partnership between leading Indian engineering company TATA Projects and Turkish company Gulermark Heavy Industries Construction & Contracting. Incorporating five cut-and-cover sections for stations, this underground stretch passes through densely populated parts of Kasba Peth, Budhwar Peth, and Mandai market.

The two Potain MC 125 cranes were assembled in June 2021 and are expected to remain on site until September 2022.

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